Run The Quay


A popular local event that traditionally draws close to 600 participants is quickly approaching.  June 7th will be the 10th Anniversary of the event which has typically offers the ever popular 5k, and a fun run.  New this year, to mark the 10 year anniversary, will be the first running of the 10k distance event.

I have only run the 5k event once before because race day has typically overlapped with other popular local events.  This year, however, because of the Anniversary, I will be running for sure.  Unfortunately there is still not a course map for the 10k posted on the event website, as they are still getting final approvals from law enforcement.  I am waiting to see the course map before I sign up.

The last time I ran this event was in 2011.  Hard to believe it has been three years already.  Even harder to believe to me is that this race is my PR at a 5k distance.  I ran that race in 20:44, for a pace of 6:40.  I must have eaten some spinach before that race because my next best time is 21:26, that same year.  In 2011 I placed 22 overall out of 563 runners, and 3rd in my age group out of 40.  Yep, must have been the spinach.

An interesting spin this year, as well, is the fact that they have a 15 Quay Challenge.  Running the 10k first, and then jumping in and running the 5k right after.  Not sure how this works, or if there is a special award for completing both, but I am going to look into it.

If you live in the Triangle area, come out and support this local event.  Registration is currently at $30 for the 5k, $35 for the 10k, and $45 for the Challenge until 5/27/14.  Don’t miss out.

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