Ironing out the details – Ironman 70.3 Raleigh


June 1st. is almost here.  My first ever endeavor into an Ironman event.  My first relay, too.

Two weekends away, the Ironman 70.3 Raleigh returns for the second race.  The inaugural last year was a huge success.  I think the only real complaints I saw were weather related.  It was hot that day.  By the time you swim, then bike, the half marathon finish was in the heat of the day.  No doubt it will be hot again this year.  I mean, having a race here in June you can count on one thing, if nothing else.  It will be hot!

You heard me right though when I said relay.  I will only be doing the running portion.

I put my name out there to find a swimmer and a cyclist, or for them to find me.  Luckily two young women from western North Carolina with roots here in Raleigh will be my partners for the Ironman Relay.  Having just secured the team, ironing out the details now is the first order of business.

We will meet up (for the first time) at the Expo two weeks from tomorrow.  We will grab our gear, and attend an athlete meeting where we will get all of the important details about the race.  I will be racing with a team for the first time, and really on blind faith.  Luckily this partnership has come together just in time.

I am looking forward to being a part of a team, and competing that day!  It will truly be a unique experience.  Who knows, We may even get a medal for our efforts.

Have you ever raced on a team relay?  An Ironman Relay?  I would be interested to hear your thoughts and stories.

8 thoughts on “Ironing out the details – Ironman 70.3 Raleigh

  1. How exciting – I had forgotten you mentioned this before. I did that for the Beach 2 Battleship 70.3 here in Wilmington last October. It was a GREAT experience!!!! I got to my exchange point really early so was so inspiring watching all the bikers come in and then come out as runners. It’s a LOT of fun! (especially since you know all you have to do is run a half). The other relay team members waited for me near the finish and we all crossed the finish line together – we all got really rockin’ medals, too. Now it will be me doing the entire thing. You ever think of doing one too?

    • Omg, me? I don’t even own a bike. Lol. I think the only triathlons I will be doing will be just like this one, as the runner. I am looking forward to it, and really respect all of you that can do all three disciplines. It’s truly inspiring, and I am sure will be exciting to watch. I know a few folks that have done beach 2 battleship, and have had great things to say about it. It’s quite popular, yes?

      • From what I understand it’s a really good course and is pretty popular. The past several years, the tide has pushed the swimmers in, but I think that is ending this year. Flat course, nice town, beach, what’s not to like? Oh and the medal, shirt, and PJ pants were awesome. Without Limits brand like Quintiles.

  2. How fun that you are doing the relay with two people you don’t know! Potential new friends! I did an HIM relay last year (Kansas) with my two brother-in-laws. We had a blast! I felt like there were not as many directions as there could have been for relayers, but we figured it all out. And it was fun to do the run on fresh legs. Hee hee. 🙂

    • Yeah, looking forward to it. Just ran a Full two weeks ago, so recovering, and slowly getting back into form. Should be raring to go for a fast Half to finish the relay.

  3. So happy you found some partners. Never done a relay before but we have liked into running relays. Just go out, enjoy the event, and Kill your portion of the event.

    Can’t wait to read about it.

  4. All the best for the Ironman. I did a team marathon last year (four runners) it was lots of fun, we didn’t take it too seriously, the emphasis was on doing something we all love together, but got it done in four hours.

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