Vacation Races


There is a relatively new race company out there providing racing opportunities in several of our nations biggest, most majestic and beautiful parks.  Vacation Races seeks to provide runners with new experiences, new venues to run and new vistas to explore through running.  Check them out online, or on Twitter.

They have several races coming up, that I bet you would be really excited to run.  It’s a Half Marathon haven to experience.  Turn your hobby into a vacation in one of our National Parks.  Zion, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon and Great Smoky Mountains National Park to name a few.  Get away to somewhere beautiful and run a Half Marathon while you are there.

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This being a holiday weekend in the United States, thousands of folks from around the country will head to our National Parks.  I have to admit that I haven’t seen many of them, but plan to through racing.  What a great opportunity to enjoy what our country has to offer through natural beauty, all while running.  After the race, visit the parks, hike, fish and explore.

I am signed up for the Inaugural race in Tennessee.  Have you ever been to Gatlinburg?  The Great Smoky Mountains are a mere five hour drive from where I live, and I love going there.  I am already excited to have an extended weekend in the Park.

5 thoughts on “Vacation Races

  1. A friend of mine did the Grand Canyon race. Looks interesting but I probably wouldn’t do one simply because I’d rather hike with my family and when I run, I don’t pay enough attention to my surroundings! Then again, I could probably be convinced to do about any half!!

    • Ah, I see. Well, the reason I run certain races is for the views. Hate a boring course. I’m all for anything that includes a few days away, somewhere to run that you may not go otherwise. Great way to see new places. I, for one, haven’t spent enough time in our National Parks, and plan on doing more of that once both of the kids are in college and beyond.

    • Yes, I am amazed how many parks there are, and many that I’m sure I will never get to visit. Add a race and I may be able to get there a little easier. 😉

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