Back to Back Races – Why Not?


I’ve signed up for an interesting challenge in a few weeks.  Back to back races.  One right after the other.  I don’t mean a Saturday, then Sunday race either.  Or even back to back weekends.  What I’ve signed up for is a 10k race, and then a 5k race that starts an hour and a half after the first.  It’s called the 15 Quay Challenge.

This year is the 10 year Anniversary of a local 5k event.  To commemorate the occasion, the town has decided to add a 10k race to the line up, which also includes a kids fun run.  For an even more interesting twist, they have added a challenge.  To compete in both races, back to back.  For bragging rights?  For a special award?  Not really sure what the perks are, but I am all up for a challenge.  You have to try it once, right?

I ran the 5k race a few years ago, and it’s actually a tough hilly course, but also my PR.  I ran the 10k course in a training run this week, and yeah, it’s even tougher.  It will be interesting to give the 10k course my all, and then have about a half hour to recover before hitting the 5k course.  One thing is for sure, I will have fun.

I won’t be gunning for any PR’s at either distance this year, but look forward to the challenge of running both.  These races will be my last as the Summer here in North Carolina begins.  It’s too hot to race here during the Summer, so back to the drawing board, in effort to get quality training for the Fall season.

Have you ever run any crazy challenges before?  I know some folks that have run the Disney challenges like Goofy, but are there any unique races or challenges that you have done?  Let me know.

10 thoughts on “Back to Back Races – Why Not?

  1. Sounds interesting! I haven’t seen anything like that besides the typical run one day then the next. I did find, however, a personal challenge online where you run 10 miles a day for 10 days. I plan to do that one when the timing works out for me.

  2. You should try the “Double Pump” at the Savannah Bridge Run the first Saturday in December. It’s a 5k (one time over the bridge), then within 30 minutes or so a 10k (over and back on the bridge), making a total of three times over the bridge.

  3. Too many typos with predictive text:) didn’t make any sense at all.. It was supposed to say “all of the challenges mentioned sound intriguing and doable” I would personally like to take on the 10mile for 10 day challenge.#runbostonandbeyond let me know when and if you decide to do it . We could do it virtually thanks to @Garminconnect:)

  4. the gasparilla distance classic here in tampa offers a few different challenges. the race weekend consists of a 15k and 5k on saturday and then a half marathon and 8k on sunday. you can do a challenge that includes all four races or run both saturday races and one of the sunday races. any of the challenge options get you an extra medal and goodies in your race packet (i think a jacket in addition to all the race shirts). i haven’t done them yet but have lots of friends that have. years ago i did pace my daughter in a 5k then turn right around and run the 10k that followed. it remains my 10k pr. i think the slower paced 5k gave me the perfect warmup! you’ll have no problem running both of these strong for sure. and you never know, you could surprise yourself with a PR in one … or even both 🙂

    • Nice! I can’t believe you haven’t taken up the challenge yet. That sounds fun. I did an 8k Saturday, followed by a Marathon Sunday at the OBX Marathon a few years ago. It was called the Blackbeard Challenge. Special shirt, medals for both races, and a unique medal awarded for completion of the challenge.

      • every year i say i’m going to do the big challenge then when i go to register i get sticker shock. i’m getting used to trail ultra prices which are nothing compared to large road races. and besides, these days i far prefer doing 30+ miles in one day instead of spread over two!

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