Run your heart out! Today is our day!


Happy Running Day to all of my readers!  Did you get out there and run?  Let’s face it, you don’t have to express your love for running just today.  I am taking the day off today so that I can run tomorrow.  Still recovering from my lackluster Half marathon on Sunday.  Still nursing the hamstrings.  I have back to back races in three days, so I am trying to do what my body needs to be able to perform at my best this weekend.

I really just wanted to wish you all happy running.  It doesn’t matter if you run today or not, or take advantage of race discounts today or not.  The true spirit of runners doesn’t just happen on one specific day of the year, it happens every day.  As long as you run happy, and run with your heart, our sport will be long lived.


If nothing else, enjoy your running and run to inspire.

12 thoughts on “Run your heart out! Today is our day!

  1. Love it!!! Hope you recover soon! And it WASN’T a lackluster run Sunday!! Stop saying that!!! Instead of being a rebel like I planned, I actually ran instead of biked, but it was more of convenience than because of Running Day.

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