Commencement 2014

It all happens so quickly…. almost without being aware of it.  One day your child is born, your entire life changes.


Acts of selfishness are now acts of selflessness.  It’s really quite peculiar how things happen at such lightening speed.  I remember cutting the cord and welcoming my first born son into the world.  I remember changing his diaper and feeding him for the first time.  Then he took his first steps, and got his first haircut.  Sucked his thumb.  Had his first Birthday.

I blinked and he was on the bus to kindergarten.  Joined his first soccer team.  Played a video game.  Sang a song, and laughed and loved.  Won an award.  Cried.  Rejoiced.

Went to his first dance, had his first date.  First kiss.  Got his drivers license.

Blink again, it’s graduation day.


Where has all of the time gone?  He grew up and is ready to head out into the world on his own.  I can only hope that the lessons I taught him on life and love and learning will help.  I am turning him out into the world to succeed on his own.  Head to college.  Live a successful and productive life.  Relax son, although you are entering a new phase in life, I will always be your Dad, and I will always be here for you.  To lean on, to learn from.

Congratulations son, on a very successful High School career.  NC State awaits, and will be lucky to have you.

6 thoughts on “Commencement 2014

  1. Pretty damn scary how time flies past …? It’s also a little sad but that’s life:) congrats to you and your son.. Without you showing him the way I’m it wouldn’t have been the same..

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