What? Qualify for two Boston’s at the same race? Yes, please….

The Boston Athletic Association has announced registration periods and dates for the 2015 race which will be held on April 20th next year.  They have also now announced when the qualifying period for the 2016 Boston race will start.  Drumroll please…….


The Big Cottonwood Marathon in Utah, as promised, becomes a race you can run on September 13th, and qualify for two Boston Marathons.  That’s right, two!  September 13th is the opening day for qualifications for the 2016 race.  It’s also registration week for the 2015 event.

Two for the price of one, as they say.

Buy One Get One.  BOGO!

I am extremely excited to hear this news.  Not that a Boston Qualifying time is a sure thing, because for me, it certainly isn’t.  My best marathon finish thus far is seven minutes off my BQ standard, so I have work to do.  I have a training plan in place this Summer, which will hopefully put me in good standing for a wholehearted attempt.  I plugged my marathon best into a calculator which predicts finish time at the Big Cottonwood, and it puts me well under my standard.  So, if I have a great race, I can register for Boston.  You see, the Big Cottonwood marathon is not a flat race, it’s mostly downhill, and has a great record for qualifying runners for Boston.  This is the original reason I signed up for this race a few months ago.

Why don’t you join me in Utah this September?  It’s a fast, and beautiful course, with an amazing atmosphere from what I’ve read.  Great race medals, and swag, and for heavens sake, a shot at two Boston’s?  Who wouldn’t want to run this race?


Go Big at the Big Cottonwood marathon with me this September 13th.

12 thoughts on “What? Qualify for two Boston’s at the same race? Yes, please….

  1. That is so cool! And I’m hearing of all these fall marathons, and I’m trying to gulp down my feelings of jealousy! I. MUST. DO. MY. TRIATHLON. Another gulp. Those down hills will certainly tear up your feet and quads, but it sounds like you have quite a plan for training and have hills up in your neck of the woods. Rooting for you!!!!!

    • Thanks! I know this will be a very special race, regardless of the pressure I put on myself to qualify. And yes, I am adhering to my hill plan, and will be working my quads tenfold before heading to Utah. Thanks for your support, it means a lot!

    • I think it’s a no brainer, really. A fast, beautiful canyon course south of Salt Lake City? Count me in. The fact that you can double qualify if you have a great race is just icing on the marathon cake. You ought to check it out.

  2. Very cool! I’ve got a marathon on the 14th September as well (in Cologne, other side of the big pond) and am gunning for a BQ time – with any luck, I might see you there! ;D

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