A car, A phone and a run

Objectives of the day…..

Big deals to me.  My car lease is up in a few weeks, time to get really serious about car shopping.  Looks like today will be a good day for that.  It’s got to be affordable, and great on gas.  Don’t think I will lease again, so I really have to like this one.

My phone won’t maintain a charge longer than eight hours anymore.  It’s going on three years old.  Time for a new one.  iPhone 5s?  Droid Maxx?  Not sure.  I need a new one, and I have to decide soon, and purchase it so I don’t extend my contract.

Five mile run… Where and when will I be able to squeeze this in today between the rain storms?  I have been hill training all week, and it’s time for a little distance run.  I figure five miles is a good start for today, and want to follow it up with a 5k, or four miler tomorrow before work.  Those runs will help to alleviate the stresses of big purchases.

Do you struggle when long term choices are beckoning?  I find marathon training easier than car shopping.  I don’t know about you.  My weekend looks full, how about yours?

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