Lackluster June but positive outlook

Looking back at June, I am really disappointed in the overall miles I put in.  I did manage 60 miles, but it’s my lowest mileage month in the past year.  I can look at it a few ways though, and I choose to look at it as a positive.


First of all…. June was a busy month personally, aside from running.  The end of the school year for my sons, family in town and a graduation.  I also spent a good amount of time car shopping, which has put me closer, but not in a new car yet.  I have about five weeks left on my current car lease, so I have time still.

Secondly….I am really looking at June as a recovery month. Through the first six months of the year, I have run five marathons, one Half, one 10 miler, one 10k, and one 5k.  That is a lot of racing miles, and my body is in recovery mode.  I tried to decrease overall mileage in June in effort to let my body naturally recover and regain strength.

Most of my runs in June were short distance runs.  I am focusing on quality, not quantity right now.  Working on, or rather focusing my training on form and breathing.  I have been working the hills more than anything, training for a downhill marathon in September.  So, in the process of recovery, I am trying to really focus on technique, while working my quads.  I am teaching myself a new way to run downhill, which I need come September.

Up next?  July is always hot here, and most typically humid.  I plan on starting to mix in the distance training again in a few weeks, giving myself long runs every week, and increasing overall mileage back up to the 100 mile range for the month.  Looking back at my training log last Summer, I did a lot of things right leading into Fall, so I will use that knowledge to my advantage over the next two months.

Rest has been good, and runs have been high quality of late.  Here’s to a productive July!  Good luck in your training.

2 thoughts on “Lackluster June but positive outlook

  1. No matter how conditioned you are, giving yourself a little down time is never a bad idea once in a while-running is hard on your body! Plus, 60 miles is STILL a lot of miles for most people! 🙂

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