Wrightsville Beach Run

I normally don’t have to travel for work, but this week I am in Wilmington, NC.  There could be worse places right?  Wilmington is on the coast, and right next to Wrightsville Beach, a quiet town especially when you are out there running at 5:30am.



After driving two plus hours here yesterday from home, and then working until 10:30 last night, I got very little sleep before lacing up my running shoes for a ten mile run with a fellow blogger.  Kelli, from  www.runningbostonandbeyond.wordpress.com and I met during the Wrightsville Beach Marathon back in March.  We bumped into each other before the race, saw each other on the race course, and then in the after party tent.  Why not meet up and get in a great run while I am here?

Thanks Kelli!  Great idea, and great views today.  Yes, the heat and humidity were a little excessive, but a run to the beach and back was just what the doctor ordered.  Best of luck in completing your 10 miles a day for 10 days.  100 miles for charity.  Glad I could keep you company for 1/10th of the journey.  

Don’t you just love a beach run?  Look at these other photos!

image image


8 thoughts on “Wrightsville Beach Run

  1. Thanks for helping me along! We are now at that point where paces must slow and need to throw sweat off our brows almost immediately. Ugh. Small price to pay for living here, I guess! It was indeed great company, which has prompted me to find volunteers for my remaining seven 10 milers! Again, thanks for getting those shoes on so early after a long night at work!

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