Five miles on Wrightsville Beach

The week has been long….  Very long.  

I’ve like a prisoner at times stuck in my hotel room, but I’ve also felt like a free spirit on my runs here at the beach.  There is something amazingly beautiful about the ocean.  The sand between your toes.  Watching as the waves surge and splash over, and the shells wash up at your feet.  The spirit can roam and wander.  Sort of the same feeling I get when I run.  


Running is not easy here in the Summer months.  The humidity just destroys my energy.  Because I’ve worked long hours, and slept very poorly this week, I consider myself lucky to get in two runs and fifteen miles while away this week.  I will be heading home tomorrow after working my last day here.  I have to admit that I am glad I came.  I did have a choice not to come at all, but I wanted to help out my boss, who was in serious need of some help here.  Hey, I am a team player, imagine that.

What I will remember about this trip aside from long work hours, was my fun run with Kelli the other day.  My trips to the beach have been a highlight as well.  For only living a few hours away, I just don’t get down to the beach that often.  I always enjoy being on the coast, and I have to remember that.  I need to take some time out of my busy schedule to spend a few (non-working) vacation days at the beach, where all I have to do is relax and take in the ocean air.  It truly can be mood altering.  I left the beach tonight feeling refreshed and alive.  



3 thoughts on “Five miles on Wrightsville Beach

  1. Beautiful pics of Wrightsville! I went there a lot in college but generally hit up Oak Island these days. I love running at the beach…It has just such a different feel! I attempted hill sprints today and the humidity nearly killed me, although I guess that’s the norm for now.

    I just saw your button for Asheville Marathon… I bet it’s a beautiful course. I couldn’t sleep the other night and contemplated signing up for City of Oaks… Maybe I’m just crazy!

    Glad you had a little beach vacay… good luck surviving the heat!

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