Channeling the Mountains

As I take a few breaths before heading out on my long run of the week, my mind wanders….


I am getting prepared for my next marathon.  Marathon #14 will start high above the ground I stand on now.  The ground that will be underneath my feet during my final 8 weeks of training.  There is no preparing for altitude here at home.  I have to trust that with my hill training, my increased downhill pace will get me out of the clouds quicker than I can get out of breath.


Eight weeks from now the race will be over.  An epic event, starting at the Brighton Ski Resort in a Utah.  My thoughts everyday revolve around those mountains.  I cannot wait to see them, I cannot wait to run down Cottonwood Canyon.  




Focus…  Focus.  Even though these hill workouts are really killing me, I have to think of those mountains, and the reason why I am putting myself through extra pain now.  It will all be worth it in the end.  Even if I don’t run the race of my life, I get to enjoy the beauty all along the way to the finish.

If you’ll excuse me, I have some hills to conquer on my run today.  Happy running to you all!


5 thoughts on “Channeling the Mountains

  1. After racing The Scream, my advice would be to do speed work down hill. I’m in pretty good shape, do speed work and cross train, did the 10×10 as you know, and my legs are screaming today!! You’re definitely doing great by running hills, but would make sure I did some fast down hill running. It’s epic though- you will kill that race!!! Much different than any regular one in my opinion!!

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