City of Oaks Marathon and Half- Raleigh’s Finest


That’s right!  Just 100 days away today, our local marathon and half will once again provide some of the finest views on an awesome course.  

In 2013, I achieved my Personal Record for the marathon distance on this beautiful and challenging course.  Still to this day, I am trying to figure out what I did right that day to bank that 3:32.  This race is neither considered flat or fast, as it contains some difficult rolling hills.

When online registration for this years event rolled around, I knew that I wanted to go back.  I also knew that because I had already signed up for a few marathons during the Fall season, that I probably shouldn’t add another one.  I debated it for a few days, until one day the race offered a one day discount, and I had to make a quick decision.  My son actually helped in the decision making process.  Fresh off of watching my older son complete his first half marathon in Hilton Head, my younger son asked if he could run the City of Oaks Half, as his first race at the 13.1 distance.  Decision made!  Of course I said yes, and decided to register for the Half with him.  I want to run with him, pace him, and be at his side when he finishes.

I have already got him set up on a 16 week Half Marathon training plan, which he has already started.  He is excited, and so am I.  In 100 days, I will be toeing the line with my 16 year old to run through Raleigh and and watch as he has his first (of many I hope) Half Marathon finisher medals placed around his neck.


Look out City of Oaks, this time it’s going to be a family affair!


9 thoughts on “City of Oaks Marathon and Half- Raleigh’s Finest

  1. This was my first full marathon in 2008 when it still had all those miles in Umstead State Forest. It’s not an easy course but easily remains one of my favorite races ever. Love that you’re getting your family in on it!

  2. Wow nearly a year ago..? I was still a novice on the internet but I distinctly remember reading one of your inspiring and passion filled posts Raleigh. If your son has your determination and drive there’ll be no stopping either of you..

  3. I AM RUNNING THIS TOO!! CAN WE PLEASE MET?! Sorry for yelling!!
    You just got me all excited to train this weekend! I haven’t run this race before so I am glad to know it is a great course.
    Do you think the hills are harder than at Boston? I am concerned about them because I am back training in Charleston and there is nothing but flat!
    How awesome that your son is into running that far at such a young age!

    • You, we will plan a meet up. If I was 7 minutes from a BQ, it is certainly doable. The race is not flat, so try to find some training that will get you ready. Maybe some stair running? Working your quads at the gym, something.

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