Satan Called. He wants his weather back!

Man oh man.  I hate to complain, so I won’t.  I really don’t mind the heat, its the humidity that sucks balls.  Stanky, sweaty balls.  It’s not really fair when you can’t tell if you’ve dried yourself off enough after a shower, or if you’re already sweating again.  Ok, so I kinda complained some.  


I have finally figured out just how draining humidity can be.  I just don’t feel like dealing with it, especially on a run.  It’s harder for me to psych myself up for a long run, when I know the minute I step out the door I am going to start sweating before I even start my Garmin.  

But run I must.  I can get through it, I know I can.  Trying to get myself pumped for three four mile hill loops tallying the magical 12 miles I am looking for today.  The temperature is 86, the humidity is 90%.  I’ve got two bottles of Gatorade at the ready, and will be lubing up with Body Glide before I get my shoes on.

The dog days of Summer have arrived.  Just in time for the height of my Fall marathon training.  Trying to find a happy place about it.  It’s just hard to run when you feel like you’re wading in a swamp.


How do you deal with heat and humidity during your runs?  Any special tips or tricks to help beat the heat?  Please share.

19 thoughts on “Satan Called. He wants his weather back!

  1. It is draining! I did an 8 mile long run today (I’m only up to 25 miles per week bc I was injured and out for 7 weeks, this is my 4th week back). Back when it was cooler, I was running 6-7 miles as a daily run int the mornings, at a faster pace, and was fine for the rest of the day. Today, I ran 9 min/mile pace and was exhausted when I got home! The heat just wipes me out for the rest of the day.

    I think drinking a post-workout smoothie afterwards helps me, or a recovery drink. Basically rehydrating ASAP and taking a little nap. But I was so wet with sweat post-run today… I was drenched… I think I’ve gotten out of a pool drier than my run today.

  2. My strategy of coping with the heat wave it is very simple. It implies hydrating pre run and post run. Post run I get some salt on the back of my hand like I would have a tequila shot but without the tequila. That is to help my body replacing the minerals. The other “strategy” it´s a sentence I learned from a canadian friend while working in the heat in Mozambique. He would always tell me when I would start complaining : ” Suck it up Buttercup ! ” By the way, very inspiring title!

    • Suck it up Buttercup is a phase I’ve heard many times. Not really something I want to hear prior to running in the 90 degree heat, but makes sense regardless.

      • Me neither. however I think besides the hydration and wearing a hat and light colours, maybe using some sunscreen, the rest is mental. that is what I meant with ” suck it up buttercup”. I think another way of beating the heat is gradual exposure.

  3. No advice but I feel you with the humidity! I wore my new compression sleeves for the first time last night and had to peel them off of me. Gross! Every week I say I’m going to start waking up early to beat the heat… but it prob won’t make that much of a difference and I’m not a morning person! I now regret complaining about it being too cold. #ncproblems

    • Beating the heat in the morning is even very difficult. Tomorrow morning may be nice. Think I am using today as a rest day, and get out tomorrow morning. Hope you are well!

    • Hey man! Didn’t realize you blog, too. You guys get the added benefit of Oceanside stickiness in the air down there. Felt it first hand a few weeks back. So moist. I know that 9 miles was tough. I did 12 yesterday at 4pm, and it was miserable. I hear that you are training for Savannah? Is that right? First 26.2?

      • Yes. Savannah Rock-n-Roll on Nov 8. First full. I’ve done a few half marathons, this will be my first full. Not sure about it, but will get it done. Raleigh is just as hot as here, but with hills.

  4. i run early mornings (usually start around 5 a.m.) you can still cut the humidity with a knife but at least i avoid the added hell of the sun! for long runs i hydrate extra and take salt tabs every hour. i also try to look at it this way … the more “heat” training i do, the stronger i’ll be for my fall/winter races. it does’t make it any easier but at least i feel like there’s some reward in it.

  5. I love the heat and humidity especially in Ireland where the summer is often short. I relish every run I do in the summer and can see the beauty of the country side whereas in winter its dark and the only light comes from my headlamp. I guess the ex South African in me can handle the heat and humidity. There’s also the plus of not having to stretch too much before a run and after because the muscles are looser,:) Grin and bear it ,it will soon be cold,dark and gloomy again..

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