Another great race planned

With such a huge focus on my upcoming marathon in Utah, at Big Cottonwood, I can’t forget that just a week later I have a beautiful Half marathon to run in Tennessee.


A National Park series race, put on by Vacation Races.  The event, named the Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon, is an inaugural race this year.  With a race course extending from Maryville to Townsend, TN, this race should be a beautiful run.


I have been working hard trying to find the perfect accommodations for my trip to the a Great Smoky mountains.  I have looked a quite a few properties, but a few necessities are a must.  Trying to find them all in one property is proving a bit challenging.  Pet friendly is a must.  I have two dogs that will bark at a bear in an instant!  A hot tub for pre and post race, is a must as well.  A nice, fully equipped kitchen for preparing meals.  A comfortable king bed.  How about a really nice view, too!


Looking forward to taking part in this race, and spending some time in the mountains of Tennessee.


5 thoughts on “Another great race planned

  1. This is awesome, I had no idea about this race, and it’s in my hometown. It literally starts across the street from my parent’s house near the high school I went to. Thanks for posting!
    (ps. It’ll be a beautiful run! I love running there when I visit!)

    • Well I guess if you didn’t even know about it, they need to do a bit more advertising. Right? They have a bunch of great National Park races, and I look forward to taking part in this inaugural. Will you venture home to run it?

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