It’s the final countdown!

Everyone around me is gearing up for Fall.  You see, I am originally from upstate NY, and up there, you could just about bet on a change in the weather come Labor Day weekend.  It would be 85 degrees the day before, and 60 the day after.  I’m sure it wasn’t that drastic, but Labor Day up north meant the end of Summer.  The start of school, the end of sleeping in.  

That is really not the case here in NC.  We will continue to have sticky, hot weather sometimes right up to near Halloween.  Fact of the matter is though that one of my kids is already a week into college, and my younger is starting his Junior year in High School tomorrow.  I’ve already hear the complaints, but I explain it like this….  As a kid/young adult you get to have Summers off.  That’s like three months of rest, relaxation, sleeping in, etc..  As an adult in the working world, you may get two, three or four weeks off a year.  Quit the complaining already, right?

Summer means more daylight hours to get my training runs in.  Sure it means more heat, but I think that training in the heat makes me more ready for nice Fall weather racing.  As we inch closer and closer to Labor Day, what does that mean for me?  First, another run in just a short bit.  Yes, training continues.  It’s winding down, but still moves forward.  Five more days until vacation remain.  A week off, then a week of work and my first Marathon of the Fall season.  Big Cottonwood is only 20 days away now!  It’s creeping up fast.  


Summer is always a mixed bag of emotions for me.  Due to where I live, and the heat, most of the time I chose not to race.  As a result, I get really antsy, and look forward to those race days.  I haven’t raced now since June 6th.  Two and a half months ago.  That’s a long time without racing for me.  Last year I mixed in a July 4th 5k, and a Half Marathon in August in NY to keep my race legs satiated.  This year, I held back.  

Fall season is packed with racing excitement.  I’ve tried really hard all Summer to push myself, but not overdo it.  I don’t want to get injured before or during the season, so I have really listened to my body, and have maintained a good regime, yet not too extreme.  

The countdown is getting exciting.  As I near vacation and race days my mind fills with the anticipation of running, and running a great race.  I will take them one by one, focusing on having fun, but also pushing my limits.  So excited to see Utah for the first time, to run Chicago for the first time, and to run some tried and true Fall favorites here close to home.

What exciting Fall races do you have planned?  Do you get antsy when you haven’t raced in a few months? I sure do.  

11 thoughts on “It’s the final countdown!

  1. I’ve actually gone a while without racing. I’ve wanted to, but figured the cost of it wasn’t worth what I would get out of it. I’ve decided to nix most of them this fall, although I’ll have to find something to do when I see all these cool race reports and jealousy sets in 🙂 I guess the races I’m doing are big ones, so “go big or go home” in my case! I’m sort of dreading the beginning of the rat race of school, training, a set routine, partially because I will be able to sleep in maybe one day a week, and I’m not looking forward to just being tired most of the time. But it marks the beginning of more structure for me, my REAL training starts, and I will have more guilt-free time at home to do my projects, shop-and-cook, and then train when the kids are at school. I’ll certainly miss my kids though!

  2. The mountains around Salt Lake are beautiful, and you should enjoy this race. My biggest concern would be the higher elevation. Question for a running expert: I’m running MCM (2nd time) in late Oct and want to run Richmond three weeks later– what kind of training do you recommend during these three weeks (I’m a slightly overweight 45 year old who did the MCM in 4:40 and the all American in 5:10 to give some perspective). Thanks for your help and good luck!

    • Hey! I did two Full’s two weeks apart last year. The best strategy here is to give yourself at least 4-5 days without running to recover. In your case, you could probably go a full week since you have three weeks inbetween. Then nothing but short, easy runs. Five miles max, with a couple days of rest before the second race. Hope that helps. How exciting for you. I ran All American last year as well. If you decide to go back and run it again this year, reach out to me. I have a discount code you can use to save 10% off the Fill. half or 5k.

      • Thanks for the advice! I may do the All American run again if I don’t go to Hawaii at spring break. I’m also looking at the Charleston Marathon in mid-January and have the NC Fat Ass 50k on the schedule again (this is a great free event on the dirt All American Trail on Fort Bragg between Raeford and Southern Pines).

  3. I don’t race all that often. I do get antsy, but only after 6 months or so. I pretty much choose 2-3 big races and then just train/run in the off season. I do have a marathon on Sept 13 and a 20-mile trail run on Oct 11! I’m getting pumped for those!

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