Getting sick while on vacation sucks!

I’ve had a blast, really.  Up til now.  

Yesterday I woke up feeling a little off, but for being in Vegas I have been getting good rest.  Just because your in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you have to stay up all night and party.  Something just didn’t feel right.  I knew it.  So, from the time I woke up yesterday until I woke up today, my body has slowly but surely turned into complete sickness.  


First it was bit of tightness in my chest, a tickle.  Then it started feeling heavy, the coughing began.  A few hours later the throat started in on the tickle and now, you guessed it a sore throat.  Total and complete congestion in my head now as well, since I just woke up.

I need to get in the rental car and go grab some cold medicine.  This really sucks, but I won’t let it ruin the rest of my vacation.  I’ll just deal with it somehow.

Quite honestly, I am not surprised by this.  I am seldom sick, so getting sick on vacation really does suck.  I earned this much needed time off.  I worked a ton, I deserve a healthy vacation.  Working so much, marathon training, five hour plane ride, thousands of reasons I could have gotten sick.

Ugh!  I just need this to go away quickly, because I have Big Cottonwood Marathon to run in 10 days.  I can’t afford to be sick for that.  Not one bit!

10 thoughts on “Getting sick while on vacation sucks!

  1. I really hope you get better before your marathon! I actually got sick just before mine and I know it was still in my system when I ran it, even though I felt better physically. Hopefully with 10 days it will be completely gone and not linger around. Plus it just sucks to be sick on ANY vacation whether you have a marathon coming up or not. Feel better soon!!

  2. Sorry dude that sucks!! I’m sure with a little TLC you’ll get through it and make a full recovery. I find that Chinese tea,ginger and a Tsp of honey alleviate the symptoms of the sore throat and the cough it works!!

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