A vacation from running

Just returned home.  Safe and sound.  No head on collision totaling the car on the way home like a trip a few years ago.  Rested, and fully relaxed.

As you know, I debated on if I should take my running shoes with me or not.  I ended up taking them, and ended up not using them once.  I’ve had an entire week off from running.  I’ve taken tapering for a marathon to the nth degree.  

Tomorrow I will start back up with some short runs in the week leading up to Big Cottonwood.  One thing that I have noticed taking this time off is that my hamstrings have made a really nice recovery.  They have felt a whole lot better.  I won’t be doing anything over the course of the next week to stress them.

For now, I will sign off with a few photos of my trip.  Hope everyone had a great week!  I know I did.

image image image image image image

3 thoughts on “A vacation from running

  1. It looks like you had a great time. We’re going to DC for 4 days later this month and I don’t plan to run AT ALL. Gonna consider all our walking around my cross training 🙂

  2. Hey hey it’s great to see you had a blast;) At this very early hour I’m actually considering whether to go for a run or just go back to bed.. Even though I’m up just can’t seem to get motivated…Maybe I need a trip to Vegas lol it might even help our financial woes…Anyway happy running and you’ll ace that marathon.

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