Revel Big Cottonwood is tomorrow!

My trip so far has been smooth as silk.

I arrived in Salt Lake City yesterday evening about 5pm.  Uneventful flights, smooth sailing.  I am staying at a host hotel, the Crystal Inn, about a mile from the finish in Murray, Utah.  The staff couldn’t be more helpful.  They have all been so kind.  They sent a free shuttle for me to the airport to pick me up and drive me here.  They offer a breakfast and light dinner right here in the lobby, so it is very convenient.

Upon my arrival yesterday, I was immediately blown away by the beauty of the mountainous area that is Salt Lake.  I’ve just been in awe of the Wasatch mountains.

image image image image image

I did not rent a car for this trip to try to save some money.  Turns out, at least staying at this hotel, that you really don’t need a car.  When it came time to go to the expo today (about 8 miles from the hotel), they offered to drive me over to the train station nearby.  The train ride is like 10 minutes, and only cost me $5.00 for a round trip ticket.  The Expo was at Sandy Civic Center, and was very well done.  Lots of space, more vendors than I expected, and a great race shirt, throw away gloves and Mylar blanket in the race bag for the chilly start tomorrow.  What a nice touch!

image image image image

I met the race director Josh, who seemed to be taking the enormity of the day and overnight ahead of him all in stride.  I’m sure the race will go off without a hitch.

So, my race prep.  I’ve continued to struggle with my bronchitis, especially here at an elevation much higher than I am used to.  I had a great nights sleep last night, and felt a little better.  Still struggling with intermittent coughing and hacking.  I really hope I survive the 9,000 ft. Elevation at the start tomorrow without hacking up a lung.  I managed to go out for a 4.25 mile shake out run late this morning in beautiful sunshine.  Temperatures here, with a cold front that dipped down from Canada last night, were in the 40’s when I woke up today.  It was about 50 when I went out for my run.  Perfection!


Dinner tonight, and turning in early.  I need all the rest I can get before this epic race tomorrow.  I have dreamed about this race for a long time now, and tomorrow is the day.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my trip so far.  Tomorrow is a wake up call at 3am.  Buses are loading here at the hotel at 5am, and we will begin the journey up Cottonwood Canyon to Brighton Ski Resort where the marathon begins.  A 7am start time, the temperatures will indeed be chilly.  Probably in the 30’s.

I’m pretty excited.  Can’t wait to share my race experience with you.  Stay tuned.


15 thoughts on “Revel Big Cottonwood is tomorrow!

    • Thanks! Back home, and have the house to myself today to rest, recover and write my recap. Still struggling with my illness, in fact my lungs are hurting bad today. I think it’s all because of the altitude.

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