Tennessee Racecation

I got my legs back yesterday.  Well, somewhat.  Certainly not at 100% at all, but my legs and feet are capable of running.  Couldn’t say that a few days ago, as I could barely get down the stairs.  Progress!  Hurray for progress!

That being said, my outlook for the next race on my calendar became a thousand times better after my first recovery run last night.  Yep, took it easy, but got out the door about 7pm last night and hit the hood for a comfortable, yet slow two miler.  I wasn’t trying to set any records, in fact I really was just trying to prove to myself that I still had the goods.  It was still a little wobbly and painful, but I got it done.

What does this mean then?  Well, immediately after my run, while still sweating, I jumped on my computer to make sure that I found a nice cabin in the woods for my race this weekend.  I had purposely not booked anything yet, not knowing if I could even think about attempting a Half after suffering such painful legs after this past weekend.  So, here are the details.

Accommodations booked, race guide reviewed and full on plan is in the works.


I am driving to Townsend, Tennessee tomorrow morning.  A long drive, for sure, but the views will be worth it.  I will be running (slowly) the Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon on Saturday morning.  A point to point race from Maryville to Townsend along the Little River.  Views should be fantastic, sounds of the great outdoors all around.  Do I hear banjos?  Oh, side note, the scab just fell off my right nipple from last weekends marathon.  Yes, I forgot to lube up the nips prior to the race last weekend.  That won’t happen this time!



The weather is looking great, and I plan on enjoying this race and my time in the Smokies.  Vacation Races is putting on this inaugural event on Saturday morning, and I couldn’t be happier to join in.  Hopefully I will see some of my running friends there.


Cheers everyone!  Where is your next race?

10 thoughts on “Tennessee Racecation

  1. Oooooouch sh*t!!!! Scabby nipples make my ties curl… I KNOW the pain!!!! OMG the shower is like the worst!!!! Take some pics will ya, sounds like it’s going to be amazing!!!! Have fun and enjoy! CJ

  2. Wow, that place looks gorgeous! You know the scenery here is really nice, but would be nice to see something different!! And just a note on the sore legs… after The Scream this summer, we found that walking down the stairs backwards made a huge difference in the speed and comfort of our descent! Funny how that works! Have a great time and looking forward to hearing all about it.

    • I totally hear ya on that. The first few days it was much easier going up the stairs versus down. Should be good to go by Saturday, and the cabin I am staying in does not have any stairs. Looking at pictures of the deck off the back of the cabin right now, and it looks so relaxing. The cabin has wifi, so I may be able to put together a recap while sitting on the deck. Hope all is well in Wilmington.

  3. Well, it’ll be a nice scenic and “slow” race for you… unless, you do come across that bear in the pictures from above. If that’s the case, you might be tossing in some spontaneous speed work. Glad your legs are working again and have a good (and nipple friendly) race.

    • After seeing the moose last week I sort of expect to see some wildlife and will probably be disappointed if I don’t. This rave series has some killer events. You should check them out. Most are a lot closer to you than me.

      • I’ll have to check out the rave series. I’m bummed I missed the moose this weekend. I did see a few rampaging chipmunks, but that’s not quite the same.

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