When did running become a costume party?

I’m going to bring up a topic today that may offend some, but I really just want to understand.  So, if you have anything to add to this, please comment.

I’ve run 60+ races over the past few years and typically see (mostly women) dressed in a costume of some sort, at every race.  5k’s up to marathons, every race distance has some sort of group or individuals dressed up as characters, or donning tutus, anything to stand out.  What am I missing?  What is the purpose of this?  

image image

I totally get the idea behind dressing up, or wearing a certain color shirt/shorts/socks combination when running a themed race.  Halloween races?  I get it.  This is a holiday known for costumes.  At a Halloween Half Marathon I expect that probably at least half of the participants will be in costume.  A St. Patrick’s Day run?  I get it.  Kilts will abound, green runnings shirts and shorts green beer at the finish.  A Santa Hustle, yep I expect there to be folks dressed in red and white, and see several snowy white fake beards, and antler headbands.  Why though, do folks dress up at just any old race?  

This is where I am confused, and need some explanations.  Please fill me in.  I think I missed a memo or something.  Why can’t we just run, and not have to draw attention to ourselves with silly costumes, skirts and masks?  If it’s for charity, then I get it.  Otherwise, I am just at a loss.image image image

A vacation from running

Just returned home.  Safe and sound.  No head on collision totaling the car on the way home like a trip a few years ago.  Rested, and fully relaxed.

As you know, I debated on if I should take my running shoes with me or not.  I ended up taking them, and ended up not using them once.  I’ve had an entire week off from running.  I’ve taken tapering for a marathon to the nth degree.  

Tomorrow I will start back up with some short runs in the week leading up to Big Cottonwood.  One thing that I have noticed taking this time off is that my hamstrings have made a really nice recovery.  They have felt a whole lot better.  I won’t be doing anything over the course of the next week to stress them.

For now, I will sign off with a few photos of my trip.  Hope everyone had a great week!  I know I did.

image image image image image image

Getting sick while on vacation sucks!

I’ve had a blast, really.  Up til now.  

Yesterday I woke up feeling a little off, but for being in Vegas I have been getting good rest.  Just because your in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you have to stay up all night and party.  Something just didn’t feel right.  I knew it.  So, from the time I woke up yesterday until I woke up today, my body has slowly but surely turned into complete sickness.  


First it was bit of tightness in my chest, a tickle.  Then it started feeling heavy, the coughing began.  A few hours later the throat started in on the tickle and now, you guessed it a sore throat.  Total and complete congestion in my head now as well, since I just woke up.

I need to get in the rental car and go grab some cold medicine.  This really sucks, but I won’t let it ruin the rest of my vacation.  I’ll just deal with it somehow.

Quite honestly, I am not surprised by this.  I am seldom sick, so getting sick on vacation really does suck.  I earned this much needed time off.  I worked a ton, I deserve a healthy vacation.  Working so much, marathon training, five hour plane ride, thousands of reasons I could have gotten sick.

Ugh!  I just need this to go away quickly, because I have Big Cottonwood Marathon to run in 10 days.  I can’t afford to be sick for that.  Not one bit!

Vacation Update

Posting from the quiet of the morning here in Las Vegas.  A perfect 80 degree start to the day.  Vacation has been just great so far.  We arrived right on time after about eight hours of travel on Saturday.  We are staying at the Hilton Grand Vacations property near the Convention Center, and it’s really quite nice.  Very comfortable and very clean.  

As I sit here enjoying my morning coffee, my stress from everyday life has already melted away.  Honestly, it was just about gone by the time we arrived.  The day of travel was very exhausting, especially after getting up very early to catch our flight.  Turned in early Saturday, and had a great day yesterday roaming around the Strip, and hitting some casinos off the strip.  Hint *off-strip is where the winning is at*.  

Another relaxing day, following by a trip to the grocery store for some snacks for the room.  We ate dinner at The Wicked Spoon in the Cosmopolitan, one of the highest rated buffets in town.  Ate like a champ.

Today we are road tripping to Laughlin, NV.  Excited to see the Columbia River, and take in the sights there.  Never been there, so this will be a first.  They have a bunch of casinos there so I am sure we will play a good bit, too.

Check out the view from our suite.  



Well, I’m off for another fun filled day.  Hoe you are all having a fantastic Labor Day here in the USA, and to those around the world, just a great Monday.