I have adopted the phrase.  I will own Chicago, in my way.


As the talk, posts and emails increase at lightning speed, it is hard to deny how quickly the Chicago Marathon is approaching.  We fly to Chicago in three days, and I run in five days.  All that’s left here are another three days of work, and frantic packing.  It will be tough to really predict the weather in Chicago, as the weather can turn on a dime.  The current forecast shows a high of 58 on Sunday, and a 20% chance of rain.  Knowing exactly what to take will be a challenge.

Embracing the anticipation of an approaching race is something I am very familiar with.  Nerves creep in, excitements builds.  I find that I am more careful with simple things like lifting, and washing my hands more.  I want to stave off sickness and make it to the starting line feeling physically ready.  I suppose that is just a part of the self readiness.  The nervous aspect of the big day.  Not wanting to leave anything to chance.  For example, I am skipping my short run today.  My left hip flexor is a bit sore from the weekend.  It was fine after the race and all day on Sunday, but I woke up in some pain yesterday.  All day I felt it.  Today It feels somewhat better, but I don’t want to make it any worse.  Result?  No run today.  I won’t run all week if it means getting to the starting line with a healthy hip.

I hate to admit it, but running the Chicago Marathon carries more weight than a lot of the races that I have run.  Sure, each race is special in its own way, but this race is a BIG deal!  One of the biggest in the world.  Come hell or high water I will be ready to #OwnChicago come this Sunday.  In my own way, at my own pace I will own every second of it!


I may just be a tiny speck in the crowd of 45,000 runners in Chicago, but this speck plans to enjoy every moment, and make some memories.

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