Chicago Marathon – For the love of running

The trip of a lifetime.  Amazing people, amazing weather and an incredible race.

My Chicago Marathon weekend was SO much fun.  It was amazing from start to finish.  As soon as it was over I started trying to figure out in my head how I would or could ever do it justice in a review/recap.  For sure at this point, a few days later, I still don’t have it all summed up.  For those of you waiting with baited breath for a recap, rest assured it will be soon.


What’s wrong with a little teaser though, right?  Some photos?  A few thoughts?

image image image

I can say this…. I spent a lot of time over the course of three days on my feet.  Based on a pedometer app I have on my phone, I walked the equivalent distance of a marathon or more the two days leading up to the actual race.  Probably not the best things to do prior to a marathon, but Chicago beckoned me.  I had a brand new city in front of me, easily navigated on foot, and so I did.


I really fell in love with Chicago.  The aptly nicknamed Windy City left me with chapped lips, and a wind burned face.  The city is rich in history, architecture and culture.  The arts abound.  A city filled with 45,000 marathoners, friends and family, it couldn’t be all that bad, right?  One thing is for sure, no matter what part of the city I was in, a turn of the head in any direction produced plenty of views of folks in running shoes.

image image image

The food!  That’s a blog post of its own.  Wow!  Great places to eat everywhere.  I never ate a Chicago hot dog, but did indulge in deep dish pizza.  Twice!

As my recovery continues, with another marathon lingering large in just a few days, I feel my race weekend recap will be ready to post by tomorrow.  For now, enjoy some of the great pictures I took during the weekend.  If you need an immediate answer to the question of if I would ever run Chicago again, the answer would be a resounding YES!

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