Halloween Racing

What do you think of holiday themed races?  Do you run them?  Like a Santa Hustle, Turkey Trot, Halloween Half, Firecracker 5000?  It seems that more and more these days themed events can be found at almost any time of the year.

The past two years I have run the Hallowed Half in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  Put on by running friend Sharon, of Signature Races, this is a growing event about to take place for the third time this Sunday.  Most runners will don some sort of costume or themed running clothes to race in.  It’s really a blast of an event, which also includes a 10k, as a less scary option.  The Half Marathon is packed with rolling hills, and both races feature a haunted trail about a mile long filled with ghoulish decorations and costumed volunteers to entertain the runners.


In 2012 (the inaugural year) I ran the Half in 1:44:49, and in 2013 I ran the Half in 1:39:00.  Seems that having some experience on those hills helped me the second year.  Well, this year I will be pacing the 1:45:00 group (8 minute mile).  I am excited to once again pace a Half Marathon, especially one this fun.

The shirts and medals have been great both years, and no doubt will be again this time around.  There are very few races that I compete in year after year, but this is one of them.  Looking forward to a hauntingly good time.

The center spins!

The center spins!

This one is a coffin, and opens and closes on a hinge.

This one is a coffin, and opens and closes on a hinge.

What about you?  Are you running a Halloween race this weekend or next?  Share any stories about great holiday themed runs that you have done?  Feel free to share, as I’m sure there are many.

18 thoughts on “Halloween Racing

  1. Love those medals!! I love all races~ I don’t get too much involved with dressing up and such, but I still like to run themed races. This weekend I am doing a Monster Dash, and I will definitely do the Turkey Trot in Cleveland! Oh~ and the St. Malachi is a St. Patricks Day run in CLE~ that one is a blast too! 🙂

    • I don’t dress in costume either, but I will wear the race shirt from last year (in the picture), black running shorts and orange running socks. That’s good enough, right?

  2. I’ve spent the last few days trying to pick out a holiday themed race to run! I’ve never done one but all of a sudden I’m itching to join those ranks. Those able to run in costume have always impressed me!

  3. I’m running in a half marathon this weekend called the Haunted Half in NJ!! I don’t think there’s anything real “creepy” about it (i.e. no scary entertainment), but it does happen to have a Star Wars theme this year (and prizes for the best themed costumes). I don’t have anything to dress up in, but I’m psyched to see what costumes the more adventurous runners will come up with! 🙂

      • hehe I can’t imagine it in the winter when the days are short and cold. Our Christmas is full of warmth, sun, bbqs, friends and long day. It’s all relative though I suppose 🙂 We still have Christmas cards with snow and things on them though…but there are also ones with Santa on surfboards and kangaroos pulling his sled with Santa in board shorts 🙂

      • I really hadn’t thought of it that way, but if that is what you are used to I can see why cold, dark days and snow would be unusual for you. I have seen Christmas cards with Santas in swim trunks, and Palm trees with ornaments. It’s very foreign to me.

  4. I help with a zombie run in our little town. It’s just a 5km walk or run, but everyone dresses up like zombies and it’s awesome fun. I am the zombie on the bike wrangling all the other zombies up. It’s fun!

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