Revel Rockies Marathon & Half

Revel Race series is currently a group of three incredibly beautiful, downhill races in western U.S..  Big Cottonwood, in Utah (which I ran this year), Revel Rockies in Colorado, and Canyon City just outside of Los Angeles, California.  The inaugural event at Canyon City is this weekend, so good luck to those of you lucky enough to be running there!

A huge fan of this race series, I have to check them off my race to-do list.  Why?  I can think of many reasons.  Traveling to race?  Yes!  Up until my race in Utah in September, I hadn’t been to any of the three locations they offer races.  A great reason to run.  Visiting Salt Lake City was a load of fun.  Getting to see a beautiful area on foot while running a marathon was just amazing!  Downhill races equal faster races.  Better chance for a PR or BQ, or both?  Another huge factor for wanting to run these races.  They have a naturally higher percentage of Boston Qualifiers than most races in the States.  Beautiful vistas, mountains, canyons, nature.  Courses designed for beauty and speed, amazing!  They also have great bling, swag and offer a very generous cancellation policy.  You don’t see that in many races at all.  So many reasons to run a Revel event.


I have decided to run the Rockies event in 2015.  Race day is July 19th.  I haven’t booked any travel yet, as one of my favorite airlines, Southwest, hasn’t opened up their flight schedule that far out yet.  Travel details will work themselves out in the months to come.  For now though, I have created a team, and would welcome anyone who wants to join in.  You only run together if you want to, but joining a team allows you to get a discount on registration in addition to liking them on Facebook (which gets you another $5 off).  My team name is “Running Down A Dream”.  You can click on the following link and be taken to the registration page.   Let’s Revel Rockies.

Take a look at the great finisher medal from the inaugural event this year.  It’s huge!


The Rockies event promises a beautiful downhill course.  Just look at the elevation chart.  I can tell you from experience, you must train differently for a downhill race.  Do some research, and find yourself a good training plan so that your legs aren’t wrecked post race.


If you are anything like me, you base many decisions on what events you sign up for on the overall runner experience. You look at race recaps, online forums, and race websites.  Based on my experience at Big Cottonwood this year, I know the folks at Revel Races do races right.

Check out this great race series online.  You can read all about their mission, read runner reviews, check out the race course maps, and much more.

12 thoughts on “Revel Rockies Marathon & Half

  1. These races look really fun! I don’t know how my legs would react to that kind of downhill (when I run bridges here in Charleston, I get shin pain, it’s crazy). I can see where it would be a fast course though.

    I like how this race is in June. You just don’t find many June races down south, except 5Ks. So it’s a great way to vacation in the summer.

    • Yes, a marathon in July? What a great way to fit in a race in the middle of Summer. Have you ever thought about running the Hilton Head Half? It’s not too far away from you. That one has a bridge, too.

      • I have thought about it, but I’m focusing on Charleston right now. If that doesn’t go well for me, I may wind up running Hilton Head. I have a few friends who are running it and I seem to do better on runs that include bridges rather than flat races *shrugs*.

      • Would be nice to see you there! Let me know if you decide to run HH. I think that will be my first marathon of 2015. I can’t run Charleston this year, as I will be vacationing in Florida during that weekend.

  2. I’ll be in the same boat, waiting for Southwest to announce their flight schedule for both Rockies and Salt Lake City. I am doing all three next year, and will probably do one of ’em as a full (either Rockies or Canyon City). Sorry we won’t see you Saturday, but I’ll catch you in Denver.

      • I wish I could have gone, but since I would have run the half marathon I probably would have been caught in the middle of all of the craziness that went on. I’m looking forward to Salt Lake City… it’ll be my first half since April (trying to get back in shape now).

      • Wow, for the man who ran every race in sight last year, this has certainly been a long break. And you’re right, you probably would have gotten caught of in the bus fiasco. Better that you stayed home and saved money.

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