Big Race Weekend

As I sit here on my couch this morning enjoying some hot coffee on a very cold day, my thoughts are with thousands of runners preparing for some pretty fantastic races this weekend.  Yep, I’m jealous!  Last year at this time I was waking up in Vegas taking in some down time getting ready for my marathon there.  This year, I’m working all weekend.  Not quite the same.

So to all of my running friends lining up at the following races this weekend, I wish you all the best!

image image image image image

Todd, Angie, Brenda, Eddy, Scott, Emily, Annie and Fred (among others) – Stay strong, and envision that finish line.  You are all Rock stars!

9 thoughts on “Big Race Weekend

  1. I’m doing Richmond three weeks after MCM. Plantar fasciitis has been manageable but last Sunday while walking on a trail at Raven Rock SP I sprained my ankle (other foot). Been treating/resting all week but know its going to be difficult. Smart thing would be to skip race but going to try to tough it out, knowing that I’m going to take a break from running until January.

      • Thanks for checking. Well I finished, which is an accomplishment in itself. Actually beat my MCM time by a couple minutes but I could not keep up with my friend Scott, who was competing his first marathon. He finished in 4:45 but I could only keep up through mile 10. My ankle didn’t bother me too bad but plantar fasciitis made the last half very painful. This is another great race if you haven’t done it, including on course snacks such as gummy bears and even beer around mile 22!

  2. Dude there should be more passionate people like you out there . I really understand what it means to run and I truly love it. So thank you for keeping us runners inspired;);) all it takes is understanding and by George I think you’ve got it mate;);)

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