2014 – Race Statistics

Looking back on my running year today because I don’t have any more races upcoming, and needed a bit of perspective.  I always get a bit depressed during time off, or during recovery.  During this time of year, when all it seems like I am doing is working, shorter daylight hours, holidays looming, I need a pick me up.  I decided to review my year to give myself a bit of an umph.


My goals for the 2014 were pretty broad.  I wanted to run five marathons (one a month for the first five months of the year).  I wanted to qualify for Boston.  First goal met, second goal unachieved.  Charleston, Hilton Head, Wrightsville Beach, Rock n Roll Raleigh and All American Marathons running January through May hurled me to goal #1. Each of those marathons were new to me, all unique.  All were sub 4 hour marathons, as well.  I pushed my limits, I met that goal. In the back of my mind I was gunning for Boston at a few of those races, but knew that running five in five months was a goal enough unto itself.  I turned my Boston goal into a Fall goal.

Before the mid point in the year, in addition to the five marathons, I also ran one 5k, one 10k and one 10 mile race.  My only PR this year was set at the 10 mile race.  Why?  Because that was my one and only 10 mile race ever.  I didn’t PR or even come close at any other distance race this year.  A little bummed about that, but hey, you can’t win them all.


Over the Summer I turned my attention to Boston, and hill training.  All in preparation for my BQ goal race in September at Big Cottonwood.  I had a great Summer of training, and felt prepared for a good go at it.  In the end it didn’t work out.  I missed my BQ time by 16 minutes.  Big Cottonwood ended up being my second fastest marathon of the year.  Second to Chicago.

My Fall season consisted of 7 races.  Four were Halves, three were Full’s.  That’s a lot of running, and they were all within a 50 day span.  That’s a pretty awesome achievement in itself.  I really didn’t plan it that way, it just happened.  The last of the races I ran my best Half of the year, so I ended on a high note.

So looking at 2014, I have to say that even though I didn’t get that BQ, I wouldn’t trade my running year for anything.  I ran 8 marathons (all new races), out of the 15 races I did in total for the year.  I participated in my first Ironman relay, (I did the running portion), so that Half actually puts my yearly total at 16 races.  So half were marathons.  Nice!

As my racing season is over, my career racing totals really ratcheted up in numbers.

My marathon total is: 16

My half marathon total is : 24

Sometimes you just need to review to feel better about yourself.  True I don’t haven’t any races in the near future, but I can revel in the fact that I really had an amazing running year.  Running has taken me places I have never been before, both physically and on the map.  Trips to Salt Lake City, and Chicago for the first times ever, all due to running.  Lots of fun events this year.

I pushed my limits this year, and will continue to hone my running skills on into next year.  What awaits?  I don’t have a lot of clarity yet in my race schedule for next year, but as it comes together I know I will continue to push toward a BQ, and have a lot of fun racing along the way.


Here’s to another awesome racing year, 2015!

15 thoughts on “2014 – Race Statistics

  1. Next year is the year you achieve that dream qualifier;);) well done on an inspiring amount of runs. I hope to achieve a 1/4 of those over the next few years;) keep on running it suits you…

  2. What an awesome year – well done! And reviewing one’s year is such a great idea – it’s inspirational and also gives us a chance to be proud (and grateful) for our achievements.

      • No marathon in the planning. I do intend to do a half every quarter but thats it for now. Leaving it open as kelli has some training that comes first. How many marathons on your radar for 2015?

      • Well, that is an interesting question. I may run Hilton Head in February. Not sure yet. Definitely All American Marathon in March. Maybe New River out near Boone in early May. Would love to run Chicago again, but that’s lottery. Signed up for a Revel Rockies in July out in Denver. So, probably somewhere between 4-6 in 2015.

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