Cyber Monday – Running And Race deals?

I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of malls.  I prefer, and try to complete all of my shopping for the holidays and otherwise, online.  Cyber Monday is often a great day to find deals and sales for everything from TV’s to tablets, socks to shoes.


I’ve looked online this morning now for over an hour.  What have I found?  Nothing!  A few things I’ve spotted for my sons, are not available in their sizes.  I think part of this problem is that a lot of online stores have been having these “Cyber Monday” deals now for a week or more.  I myself bought a pair of running shorts from Dick’s about a week ago at a very good price.  I had never tried this particular style of short before, so I only bought one pair and wanted to test it out. It worked great on two runs since being delivered last week.  I want more!  I go online to buy more, and they are only available in XL.  WTF?

I’ve been on the lookout, too, for online deals for race registrations today.  What have I come up with?  A big fat zero.  This is where I need your help.  Have you seen any good deals on races being offered at a discount today?  Please share!!!  How about great deals on running shoes and apparel?  If you’ve seen any can’t miss offerings please share.

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