Does “Slow and Steady” really win the race?

As you know I have been in race season recovery mode.  It’s been like six weeks now, and I really feel like it has done my body good.  I’ve racked up very few miles in weeks, and although I feel like my body is recovering from the eight marathons and numerous other races in 2014, I am starting to feel that general malaise set in when it comes to getting my runs in.  Does this ever happen to you?

I’m trying to help myself, and yet I feel like I am being lazy.  I guess it cannot be helped.  In addition to having a lack of desire set in due to the cold, dark season I’ve had a severe head cold for eleven days now which hasn’t helped matters.  When I do get out and run a few miles I’ve been hampered by difficulty breathing and general tiredness.  It’s funny that I am hardly ever sick, but have been sick a good bit of the time I have been in recovery mode.  I think it’s related.

I know that based on previous years letting my legs and feet have a rest is critical to starting out a new race cycle with a clean bill.  I’m just getting antsy.  It’s like a long, drawn out taper, and I don’t like it at all.  At least at the end of a taper though is a big race to look forward to.  I’m still seven weeks away from a major race.  Maybe this is all just race withdrawal.  Maybe it’s a combination of seasonal affective disorder, recovery and illness, but I want to feel good again.  I want the desire to come back, the NEED to get back out on the road.


All in good time, I guess.  Slow and steady, I am trying to convince myself.  I certainly don’t feel like the hare at all these days, much more so the tortoise.  How does the off-season impact you?  Does recovery mode take its toll on you like it does me?  Convince me that this is a good thing.

10 thoughts on “Does “Slow and Steady” really win the race?

  1. I have an early season marathon so my off season happened after the Chicago Marathon (early October). It killed me – all of my friends were out racing their hearts out and racking up high miles! I did short distance races to keep me sane, but I started to hate them because I felt slow and sluggish because of my recovery period. It’s the holiday season, too – that makes it harder! You will get that desire back!

      • I did love it! It was my second fastest marathon ever, and I think I could have run a PR but I had a lot of trouble with my Garmin. I had run a marathon two weeks before and going out way too fast so I ran very cautiously and wasn’t exactly sure of my pace. But, it was an amazing race and such a cool city to visit!not to mention the perfect weather we had 🙂 one of my favorites yet!

  2. I truly don’t know much about recovery mode. I take a few days off after major races, but I’ve never taken a long time off unless I was injured (even then, I cross trained through it). I intend to take about a week off between Charleston Half Marathon and an 8-week training cycle for All American, though.

    Maybe try some cross training or something just to get moving around?? If you’re getting antsy, maybe it’s a sign that it is time to start back again 😉

  3. My boyfriend always says “when you can’t exercise the body, exercise the mind”…do you have any other hobbies, or something new you would like to try?? I’m not running much either right now, it’s too cold and rainy…but I’ve been trying to keep busy with other things, I have a few books I’m reading, I’m working on my Christmas cards, I’m spending more time with my dog…Hang in there, your body will be thankful for the rest!

  4. ive just spent two weeks nursing a calf tear… oh how quick that couch becomes comfy! it took every inch of my being to hit the cold snowy Derbyshire Dales this weekend… once you get out there all the fibres of your fit body will shout with joy and that good feeling will have you back out there again and again… 🙂 go for it, you know you want to!!!

  5. I think it’s the dark dreary mornings that keep me from wanting to run in December. Wow, 8 marathons, that’s amazing, way to go!!! You won’t have trouble getting motivated as soon as the shorter days start to kick in. A few sunny days and you’ll be itching to get out there.

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