Dig This! Are you marathon ready?

Get inspired, go further.


I know a bunch of folks that have first marathons coming up, or first marathons of the new year coming up.  My first of the year is now less than five weeks away.  As I sit here on the couch, with my coffee this morning, my mind wanders off to marathon day.  It makes me think, and probably everyone think a few things….  Can I do this?  Am I ready?  Have I made the right decision?

Now is the time, whether you are a week away or five weeks away from your race, to dig deep.  Mentally and physically.  Now is the time to really focus on visualization of that finish, and wrap your brain around the tough work ahead.  You can do it!  I can do it!  We all can.


Marathons are not easy.  It will test the body and mind beyond what you think is possible.  The endure the race, and get to the finish in one piece we must be prepared.  The training cycle will get you to the starting line, but we must all dig further down into our inner gut and find that determination to push to the finish.  Marathons are so much more mental than many people think.  We can push the body, but we must also be inspired in our minds.


I wish everyone well on the final stretch of the marathon journey.  I still have a few weeks to be race ready, but no matter if this is your first marathon, or 20th, it will take all of the will and guts you have to succeed.  Find that inner inspiration, and enjoy running every moment.  Dig deep!

6 thoughts on “Dig This! Are you marathon ready?

  1. Loved your post, that’s exactly what I needed to read today, thank you. I know it’s going to be more mental but I keep thinking that I only know in theory on Sunday I will know in practise. Thanks so much. I’m going to come back and read this a few times.

  2. I’m running my first marathon in five months, and I’m already worried about if I can do it or not. I definitely need to work on my mental game!

  3. To run is to be free..try not to forget why you run the most important part of your race/marathon if you love running then it’ll never be a chore but a challenge and this will get you through whatever you do;)

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