Almost bare it all – In an Undie Run!

The latest crazes in any sport are usually supported very well.  In the sport of running there are extremes, as well.  Ultra endurance events, mud runs, obstacle runs, color runs, extreme relays, nude runs and the ever popular underwear runs.  Not sure about you, but I for one, am not comfortable with the idea of running in just my underwear, much less in the nude.

I think nude running is more of a popular event in Europe.  I’ve hear of several well attended events across the pond.  Although it might be fun to work an aid station during a nude event, but more than likely they would expect volunteers to go au natural, too.  (Bum)mer!


As we closer and closer to a Valentines Day, I keep seeing advertisements for Undie Runs.  Running for a cause.  Running with Cupid.  The Great Undie Run.  They seem to be very popular, especially for the college crowd.


Cupid’s Undie Run here locally takes place on Valentine’s Day.  Noon is when the half naked festivities begin downtown at Natty Greene’s Pub, with the race kicking off (clothes) at 2pm.  It’s a race for charity, so let the hilarity ensue.  The race raises funds for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.


I guess if you have the body to show off, why not.  Even if you don’t, why not run for a good cause?  For me, I just think I will make a donation and skip the run.  I mean, yeah I’m a runner, but not in any means ready to strut my almost 45 year old stuff out on the streets of downtown Raleigh.  Plus, it will more than likely be cold, adding insult (shrinkage) to a not so ready for the beach, body.  If I looked like the guy above on the left, I might just run.


Well, the run is for a great cause, so if you are so inclined, sign up, donate or become a fundraiser yourself. is where you can get all the information about the race.  As for me, I think I will just stick with the extreme side of running that includes a 26.2 mile run with my clothes on.  Although clothes probably do cause more chaffing.  😉

11 thoughts on “Almost bare it all – In an Undie Run!

    • I think Europe in general is a more uninhibited land. Most of the articles I’ve read involve nude runs there, although I did read somewhere that there is a nude run in Pennsylvania.

  1. Haha. That is too funny. I’ve seen a couple of these. . But honestly, I’m a skinny girl and I still wouldn’t be comfortable with all my stuff jiggling while I run. I the jiggle unavoidable. But more power to whoever do these undie runs

  2. Nude running… all I can imagine is one of my boobs bouncing up and punching me in the face. I guess the undies run is a little more modest, but I’d still need a half tub of bodyglide to make it comfortable — that skin-on-skin action is painful!

  3. We have this same undie run here in Charleston, on Folly Beach. There was also a Groupon or Daily Deal for it, which makes me skeptical because if it’s a charity event, you’d think it would get enough participants or people would care enough to pay the actual price instead of wanting a 50% off deal?

    There are 5-6 races here in Charleston on Valentine’s Day (crazy, huh?). I’m planning to skip the 1 mile fun run in my undies for an 8K.

    • Yes, I agree. I think we have several races that day, too. Alas, I will be working, and unable to run any of them. Have fun at you 8k. Oh, the Krispy Kreme Challenge is that day, too.

  4. Gee, I can’t figure out why men like this race? Anyway, I swim, so I get enough being in public with my underwear-like suit on. Seems that people are incorporating all sorts of fun into racing, which is cool, but I probably won’t be running in my undies anytime… ever. And as for nude running? No. Helll no. Even if I was alone, some things just need a little containment, that’s all 🙂

  5. Totally agree, all for supporting a cause but no undie running for me. There is a small island called King Island between the Australian mainland and Tasmania. It has a nude run called the ‘Free Willies Beach Sprint’ – I kid not! There is a YouTube but it’s not for the faint hearted. It’s part of a more serious event known as the King Island Imperial 20 which is a 32km trail running event. Had a giggle today reading your post 🙂

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