It’s been an Awful week! Just awful!

It’s been quite a break from blogging this past week, and not in a good way.  It has been an awful week.

Starting a week ago today, I have worked every day.  Knowing that I have a vacation coming up this Saturday, it is fairly normal that I end up working 7, 8, 9, sometimes 10 days in a row.  That alone sucks. It is tiring, and makes that vacation so needed by the time the work is done.  Add to that the fact that the first day of the stretch at work I hurt my back.  Not even sure how it happened.  I just realized that my lower back was hurting toward the end of the workday.  At first I didn’t think much of it, figured it was just tweaked a bit and would work itself out.  Unfortunately, seven days later, this pain has been fierce and unaffected by heavy helpings of ibuprofen.


So, I am at a place this morning where I just really can’t deal with the pain anymore.  I need to find a solution!  I haven’t been to a chiropractor in nearly twenty years, mainly because I haven’t needed one.  I threw my back out in a big way long ago, and I had much success with a chiropractor visit.  Put me right back on track and finally relieved my pain and allowed me to get back to life.  I really think this is my only solution right now.  I am worried that I won’t be able to find a good one prior to leaving on vacation Saturday morning.  That is my mission this morning!


In addition to my back pain, I have been dealing with this damned Octavia winter storm.  We did get hit here pretty hard in North Carolina.  Any kind of winter weather here is always a big deal, and awful to deal with.  Nearly every school system in our entire state was closed yesterday.  That is hard to imagine, but it’s true.  But, yes, I had to work.  So I had to deal with ridding my vehicle of ice, and driving through pure treachery about half of my twenty mile journey to work.  Luckily we closed early, and it allowed me to get back home before the refreezing of the roads.  Another dose of winter weather today potentially, and then a polar plunge down to temperatures that are rarely seen here ever.  Another obnoxious day!


Please, please, please……  I need Saturday morning to get here so that I can head to the airport and get the hell out of here!  And there better not be any flight issues due to this weather!  If my flight is cancelled, the fits of rage will be heard clear across the Triangle.  Heaven help me, it truly has been an awful week.  I haven’t even been able to run because of my back, so stress relief will only come in the form of an on-time departure Saturday morning, and a perfect touch down in Sin City.

15 thoughts on “It’s been an Awful week! Just awful!

  1. I sincerely wish upon you a magical Chiropractor and a wonderful vacation! The Golden Nugget has an amazing spa if your downtown. I went there after the inaugaral RnR Strip at Night. Hot tubs and steam rooms.

  2. I hope things go well at the chiro and am sorry your back is hurting! It stinks to have to deal with that with all the work you’ve had going on and getting ready for vacation.

  3. I feel for you 🙂 I hope you get to go on your vacation . As for the back pain, if it is lower back pain a lot of times it can be caused by leg or foot problems. When hamstrings are tight they can pull on the lower back causing pain. Try doing stretches for the back, hamstrings, and sciatica. Get well !

  4. Good luck in Vegas Paul. We were just there earlier this month. Hopefully your luck will be better than mine was. Can’t wait to read about your stay.

    Utah has had a super mild winter… 55 degrees today and have had only about 7 days of snow on the ground in the valley. Shorts + t-shirt running weather nearly every day.

  5. Safe travels! Just think, it’s always better to get injured when it’s crappy outside, then when it’s lovely. I hope you continue to feel better and don’t worry, spring will get here 🙂

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