I’m a Cartoon Character!

Good morning readers!

A quick post this morning to share with you a new mini version of myself (which I’m sure you will see more of) created by the folks at http://www.ilovetorun.org.

I actually took part in a blog contest a few weeks back at http://www.trippingthekenyans.com. I had to create an eBib, running related, of course.  One of my creations was chosen as the winner, and as reward, they caricaturized me!

Look!  How cute is my mini me?


Check out Scott’s blog, he is runner supreme, and funny!  Tripping the Kenyans has great content.

If you check out the eBib website, you can create custom Bibs to display on many different platforms.  Here is an example…..


It’s simple, and easy.

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