Start Spreading the News

I have a big announcement to make!

It has been quite the topsy turvy week.  A week like so many others this winter.  It seems that for weeks I have had some amazing highs and lows.  This past week was filled with bitter disappointment, and utter joy.  In between those feelings were another five days of being sick.  Yes, for the forth time in the past year I caught a pretty bad cold.  Good news is at this point, I am almost over it, but it sucked.  I hate being sick, and I have certainly been given my fair share of illness to deal with over the past year.

I was able to get in three really good quality runs this past week.  All under five miles, but strong.  I can feel the weather turning, so that helps my attitude and willingness to lace up and get out the door.  After my marathon in Hilton Head, which is already over a month ago, I had a longer recovery than I wanted.  The weather played a big roll in that, too.  But I am feeling good now.

This coming week?  Huge news to share tomorrow!  Pacing a Half Marathon in Asheville a week from today.  It’s a pretty big week.  Two weeks from today?  The All American Marathon.  My second 26.2 of the year.  I wish I felt more prepared to knock the socks off of the Fayetteville to Ft. Bragg marathon race course, but I cannot wait to run this race again!

Stay tuned for my announcement tomorrow!  Running has brought me so much joy over the past few years, and my game is going to be stepped up another notch in a big way.  I can’t wait to share…..

But I would be a bit remiss without offering a tiny clue, so here it is.  Can you take a guess?


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