….and only a week remains until… Marathon #18

Yes I sip my coffee this morning in preparation for my four hour drive to Asheville, I can’t help but think about next weekend.  Tomorrow will be a great test, and final preparation for another marathon.

The All American Marathon is next weekend!  I cannot believe how quickly it has arrived.  Last year the race was the first weekend in May.  It was hot, it was sunny, it was grueling.  This year they bumped up the date about six weeks.  Landing on March 22nd this year, we are only a week and a day away.  This one will be #18 for me.  Hard to believe.

I will be prepared to put on my smile, lace up the Asics and run.


This marathon journey has been a hell of a ride.  Running can take you so many places, all you have to do is have the desire and will.

To anyone out there that has yet to try the marathon distanceI say one thing.  It will change your life!

4 thoughts on “….and only a week remains until… Marathon #18

  1. You are sooo right! There is something very special and unique about the marathon distance… it truly does change you, in the most beautiful way possible. Good luck on marathon number 18, that is amazing… I’m not sure I will run 5 in my life…lol, 18 is badass….

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