BQ not happening this week, and it doesn’t have to!

My body is not ready to earn a spot in the Boston Marathon 2016 this weekend.  Well, it really has never been my plan to get a BQ at this race, but let’s face it, we all want it.

I shouldn’t say all, because getting to Boston is not everyone’s goal.  I mean, it’s more than fine to just run a race without any goals other than just crossing the finish line.  There are tons of runners out there just doing it for fun.  Just running for the health benefits, the exercise, the community.  Running can be just a social thing.  That’s totally cool and fine by me.


The All American Marathon this Sunday may not be a BQ race for me, in fact I know it won’t, because that is not my goal for this race.  I am running this race because I believe in it.  I believe in the organizers, the volunteers, the reasons behind the race.  It truly is a race to celebrate our military.  Patriotism and the American Flag will abound.  The race is inspiring, and full of heart.


Sometimes we run just to run.  Sometimes we run for a cause.  No matter the reason, we run because we love it!

Sunday’s race for me is about the pure joy I get from testing my limits.  My body is not ready for an epically fast race, or probably even a moderately fast race.  The last few months of work, weather, illness and body aches have left me in poor condition to even better my finish time from last years inaugural running of this marathon.  I will try my hardest, however!  I will put my body and mind to the test on Sunday morning, and run for fun.

Why do you run?  Have you really ever tried to figure that out in your mind?

6 thoughts on “BQ not happening this week, and it doesn’t have to!

  1. Great post. Some days I run because of health reasons, some days because I love it, and other days to get better.
    that is an awesome reason to run a marathon.!! better for just a BQ

  2. I love this post! BQ’ing is great, but it isn’t everything. I hope you have a fantastic race and have lots of fun 🙂

  3. Lol I run because I love the freedom and the endorphins that are released during and after;);) if anything I run to see how far and how hard I can push mu body ita totally awesome knowing that its your 2 legs carrying you amazing distances… Enjoy your race Paul have fun and relax;);)

  4. I tried to figure out what it is about running that I love, but to this day I still don’t know. I figure what’s important is that I do love it, and I guess that’s reason enough to keep at it!

    Have fun on Sunday!

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