Marathon Eve

Tomorrow is the day!

Am I feeling nervous?  Yes!  Am I feeling anxious?  Yes!

Do I want to give it my all?  Of course!

Since my hilly Half last weekend, I haven’t run once.  My body has been overwhelmed with a aches, and pains.  I’ve needed the rest.

Up today at 4am for work, it’s going to be a long day.  Not my typical plan to be up so early the day before a race, but it just couldn’t be avoided.

I would rather be off today, taking a nice leisurely drive down to Fayetteville to visit the race expo, and get that nervous-excited feeling going.  Not this time though.  I have a running buddy picking up my bib and race packet.

I will try to get to bed somewhat early tonight, because race morning is going to be MEGA early!  I have to leave the house at 4:45am tomorrow.  Oh man, I guess I need to get this plan set in concrete today, so that I am mentally ready for an early start.  It all seems a bit overwhelming today, but marathon #18 is tomorrow!

It’s time to get my game face on and be ready to run.


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