Garrett’s Popcorn & Deep Dish Desire & A Marathon

I had the most amazing time last October in Chicago.  It was my first ever trip there, and I enjoyed every moment.  Walking around the city, taking in the sights, the Pier, Magnificent Mile, everything!


The food?  Oh yes!  The Donut Vault, Lou Malnati’s Pizza, Garrett’s.  All highlights for the foodie in me.  The reason for my trip last year was the marathon, and what an amazing race it was!  I enjoyed every moment of it, from beginning to end.  I remember thinking at the time that I would go back to Chicago to run that race every chance I had.


Well, I made it through the lottery again this year.  I found out last week.  As of right now, I still haven’t confirmed my registration.  The deadline for me to sign up is tomorrow.  Why have I delayed signing up?  I want to make sure I can afford the trip again.  I am dying to just go to the website right now and complete my registration, but I must be sure.  I’ll be shopping around for flights this morning, and making sure I can take the time off at work.  I will decide by tonight.

This decision should be a no-brainer, so why isn’t it?  One answer, MONEY!  I am being adult by taking my time thinking this through first.  Have you ever had a hard time trying to decide on a race?


The Chicago Marathon is calling me!  Chicago is awaiting my return… And I want to go back!

2 thoughts on “Garrett’s Popcorn & Deep Dish Desire & A Marathon

  1. I LOVED Chicago and was there last fall, too! It was SO expensive. I was able to share a room right on the Magnificent Mile with two of my good friends so it made the lodging reasonable, but we had a huge ordeal with our flight and ended up having to shell out an extra $350 on the spot just go get there (long story). Everything was so expensive. But…it’s Chicago! So worth it. I say DO IT!

    • I almost shit a brick when I signed my hotel bill, so I know all about the expense of it. Luckily the flights weren’t too bad. Other than that, I loved it from the moment I stepped off the plane until the moment I left. Chicago has lingered in my mind for months, and that is why I entered the lottery again. I must do it again, right?

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