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Wanted to share with you today a blog post by my running buddy Angie! Angie and I met at the Blue Ridge Marathon in Virginia in 2013. A super cool, and hugely enthusiastic runner of all kinds of races, Angie is a social media butterfly. She is a BibRavePro, a RunBassador on Twitter, blogs, fundraises, and has her own headband business. Angie was kind enough to offer up her time and energy to help me fundraise for the James Blake Foundation, a charity working hard and making impacts on the lives of cancer patients by pushing research finds faster to the patients that need it most. Please give her blog a read, she has many race experiences to share with her readers. We are offering a free headband from a few styles we came up with for any donation $10 and up to my charity. (Links included in her blog post). Angie lives in Iowa, and her headbands can also be found at local race expos and running stores. She is donating half of the proceeds from the sales of the “Stars” and “Red and Blue Chevron” patterns to my charity at these locations as well. Thank you Angie! Let’s get together at the Chicago Marathon again this year, and we can both wear the Chevron headband for charity!

Angie Runs

Hey there blog readers-

If you have been keeping track at home you know that I make head bands.  If not read this!

I have been fortunate to work with a few local groups with fundraising opportunities. Most recently the West Branch Schools and the Bear Stampede, where I donated half of my “expo” sales back to the organization. I have also worked with my friends who fund raise for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital through the Iowa Ladies Football Academy, where an entire day of sales go to the cause.

That is when I came across a new idea. My social media friend, Paul – who I have met in real life at a marathon, came to me asking if I could help with his fundraising to run the New York Marathon for the James Blake foundation. I tweeted and even blogged about his cause, check it…

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2 thoughts on “Headband fundraiser

    • Angie is awesome! Not sure if you remember reading my Chicago Recap from last year, but Angie was at a BibRave cheer station I think at about the 11-12 mile mark of the route, I caught a quick glimpse of her, and made my way to the side of the course, give her a quick sweaty hug, and ran on. She is a truly giving and passionate runner and great ambassador for the sport we love.

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