Target Pace- Aspen Valley Half Marathon

Two weekends from now I will be finishing up the Revel Rockies Marathon, and hopefully be celebrating with a nifty BQ.  First things first, however….

On July 18th I will be here…


Running high up in the Rocky Mountains.  After a post I saw yesterday on Facebook, they have less than 50 spots remaining in the races.  No, I won’t be running the marathon that day.  I have opted to be a part of the pace team that will be running the Half Marathon.  Looking at the course details and several pictures from previous races online, it should be a beautiful run!


I will be running with Beast Pacing.  I specifically chose a pace time that would be well over my average for many reasons.  1.  I’m going for a BQ the following day.  2.  I want a nice and easy warm up for Sunday.  3.  I want to get used to the elevation again.

I will be pacing the 2:15:00 Half group.  It should be very interesting, to say the least.  That is a pace of 10:17 per mile.  My slowest Half Marathon to date was a 1:58:45 last Fall when I was pacing a 2:00:00 group.  It’s going to be a challenge to slow it down even more, because even at the 2:00:00 pace time, I felt like I was barely moving at times.  I’m hoping to have a big group in Aspen, and even at the elevation of 7,890 ft. above sea level, at that pace I will have tons of air in my lungs to belt out encouragement and vocally keep everyone on track.  The Aspen Valley Half will be my 27th Half Marathon, and 6th state running that distance.


The weekend of the 18th and 19th will be my first time time running in Colorado.  Running back to back races allows me to knock off another state in my 50/50 quests at both distances.  It may take forever for me to complete this goal, but there couldn’t be another more perfect opportunity to add a state to both of my lists.

Revel Rockies Marathon the following day will be my 20th marathon, and 7th state overall.

Do you have any lofty running goals like running all 50 states, or even on all 7 continents?  How about pacing?  Have you tried pacing a race yet?


10 thoughts on “Target Pace- Aspen Valley Half Marathon

  1. Good luck with pacing *then* trying to BQ! Who knows maybe it will work out because of the easy run the day before? But even at an easy pace running as a pacer, it will probably be mentally tough because you have to stay on track and watch out for people. I bet you will have a great time regardless bc the course looks amazing!

    • Well, yes, I have to have my “A” goals. Regardless of how it all turns out, it will be amazing, I’m sure. Getting a BQ would be amazing, but anything can happen on race day, so I will be prepared any way it turns out. Just going to be so much fun running back to back amazing races.

      • I def think you can BQ though… you have a lot of marathon experience to know how it’s done, how to pace and run them. These races look like gorgeous courses too!

      • Thanks! I need the confidence booster. I know I’m capable, all of the puzzle pieces just need to come together perfectly. My PR is only 7 minutes off my BQ mark, here at the hilly City of Oaks Marathon, no less. Plus, these races being in the Rockies will just be a pure treat for my eyes!

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