Greensboro Marathon & Half 2015

As the sport of running grows and grows, so do the number of races.  I’ve read a couple of really interesting articles lately about the growth of our sport, which has led to gluttony of races when it comes to peak marathon season.

Of course there are big city marathons with big expos, lots of spectators and a big price tag that comes right along with it.  Marathons can cost upwards of $250-$300 depending on the race.  Most folks choose races very carefully, and cost can be a huge factor.  For runners like me that run more than just a couple of races a year, careful consideration must be used when deciding where your race budget will be spent.


Trivium Racing, out of Greensboro, North Carolina puts on really quality events.  Located in the center of our state, runners from all over can convene in the city park this Fall for the third running of an great event.  Current pricing is under $100, and gets you an amazing race course, high quality bling, post race food, music and more.  Convenient free parking, included!

The inaugural year of this event, I learned about it too late in the season to run it.  I didn’t make that mistake last year, signed up early, and ran the marathon six days after running the Chicago Marathon.  The course winds in and around the city of Greensboro, through neighborhoods, and city streets, but also through beautiful countryside.  Yes, there are hills.  The course is challenging, yet so much fun!

This year I will be pacing the Half Marathon at this event.  I hope to take one of my sons along with me to experience this great race.  Running Chicago again this year, I figured I better run the half this time around, since I am running the New York City Marathon a few weeks later.  Gotta leave some steam in my legs for the Big Apple!

This years race is on Saturday, October 17th.  Pease join me!

RUN LOCAL!!!  Support the fine efforts of quality race directors like Richard and Libby.  When races are done right, we need to support them!

4 thoughts on “Greensboro Marathon & Half 2015

  1. I truly agree with you on running local. It’s cool that running can be a destination sport on vacation, and a way to see new places, but even then, it’s good to support a *local* race (especially when people talk about buying other things locally- why not race locally?). I love it when people vacation in Charleston and show up at a local one where some money goes toward a charity, rather than a big corporate event in another city.

    You have a great balance of doing local races in NC as well as destinations and I like that!

    • It’s challenging and expensive to put on a marathon. We must support local events or they won’t last. Race prices can be astronomical, but supporting local events tends to keep prices lower overall. Charleston is a destination for me, but you know I traveled there to race. I spent money at a local restaurant, on lodging, etc… A good mix of both benefits all, I totally agree!

      • Yeah- and when you were in Charleston, you ran a *local* race. Not a Rock and Roll, Color Run, Spartan, or any of those that are large corporate franchises. If I travelled to Greensboro for a race, I would probably opt for something like this just because it’s local.

        Local races also support each other. Charleston Marathon posted about this one on their page!

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