Bull City Race Fest Recap

Blogger and running friend Nicki posts on a race we ran yesterday. My recap will be posted tomorrow.

Nicki's Nook

Let’s start this recap off with saying I miss being in the south. I am going back to my desire to move and getting my crap together to head south of the Mason-Dixon. People are so polite.

We’ll start the day with it was cold by North Carolina standards when the sun started rising on race day. Julie, who happened to follow my daughter and I out of the parking garage, and I found a building we could go in to keep warm. I was diligently looking for my friend Paul who lives in the Triangle, as he puts it. A guy who looks sort of like Paul – just an FYI, I do not wear my prescription glasses to run – came walking past us and I said “Hey, Paul!” He stopped, gave me a hug and preceded to hold a conversation with me. Yup! You guessed it. He…

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