Krispy Kreme Challenge

Since 2004 a local race challenge has been gaining popularity.  Put on by the students of North Carolina State University (where my oldest is a student) this race draws thousands of fun seekers every year.


The premise?  Who hasn’t heard of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts?  They are a light, fluffy decadence to be enjoyed HOT!  Hot Doughnuts Now, a red neon sign reads in the window when the conveyor belt is cranking out the warm glazed treats.  They are delectable, I can assure you!


8,000 runners take on the challenge of running two miles to the KK shop in downtown Raleigh from NC State, grabbing a box of a dozen doughnuts, downing them anyway possible, and then trekking another two miles back to the finish.  Sound easy?  Yes, the doughnuts are ooey, gooey delicious and easy to inhale when fresh, but the tough part of this race isn’t only trying to run right after consuming 12 of these, but 12 of these DAY OLD.  Yes, not warm, not light and airy.  Cold, dense and dry!!

This race is really quite something to behold.  2016 will be my first time running/eating it, so I am more than a tad bit excited to take on this challenge.  Should be a blast!

Have you ever taken on a racing challenge like this?  Ever had a Krispy Kreme?

8 thoughts on “Krispy Kreme Challenge

  1. I did this race for the past three years but have decided to retire it from my race schedule, at least temporarily. I think every runner should try this race. It certainly is a challenge and it is a hilly course, especially on the return with a belly full of donuts. My advice: 1) run as fast as you can on the initial 2.5 miles, as you likely will not run as fast on the return; 2) go hungry; 3) go hungry; 4) go hungry; 5) drink at least a 1/2 cup water after each donut (it washes the grease down)– I didn’t drink any water the first year and had a miserable return; and 6) just have fun with this one!

  2. My friend in Chapel Hill has been telling me about this race for years and I’ve been meaning to go down there and try it! I hear it’s a hilarious race – have fun!!

  3. Good luck with the challenge! I would definitely try to bank time and run out as fast as possible and just survive the 2 miles back. That’s definitely a mental battle coming back. We used to have one of those challenges here years ago, but it’s no longer held! We do have KK in Charleston though!

    • Yes, this is sort of my “one and done” chance at it. People always ask me why haven’t I run it, so now I guess it’s my turn to give it a shot. It will help that I am running/eating it with my son.

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