Garmin Vivoactive Ready

You might have guessed that on my Christmas list this year, among a few other things, was a new sport watch.  My son actually did some homework on this watch, by Garmin, and asked for one for Christmas.  I got him one!  When it was delivered (about three weeks before Christmas) I got all excited like I had bought it for myself.  After reading up on it, I decided to put it on my list, too.


Low and behold, Santa left me one under the tree, as well.  So, after much ado, as I have been given the label “TC”, or “Technology Challenged”, I finally have it figured out.  It took some time for me to get it all programmed the way I want it, but I really like it.  A lot!  I haven’t worn a “regular” watch in years, so it has been difficult to get used to, but I am finally adjusted to wearing it all the time.

My old Garmin has been retired.

I have now been running with it on about ten times, and it works like a charm.  It syncs up with an app on my phone, so I can look at maps of where I’ve run, overall pace, elevation changes, best pace, cadence, and the list goes on.  It’s really cool!  I’ve also enjoyed the step counter (I’d been using a different app for that on my phone the past year, but it didn’t track overall mileage from my steps) and the Garmin does, so it’s very nice.  I’ve figured out that an average work day, I cover about 7-9 miles, which is just ridiculous when you think about it.  The sleep feature is the only other feature I’ve tested out so far, and it does a decent job of showing me my sleep patterns.  Bonus!

So, my Vivoactive will be making its debut on the racing scene in two days.  I am heading down to Charleston, South Carolina tomorrow evening for the marathon on Saturday.  It’s going to be an awesome race!  I am pacing the 4:00:00 marathon, so it will be a true test of how well this new device tracks mileage.  Fingers crossed, I will let you know how it goes.

Happy running!

6 thoughts on “Garmin Vivoactive Ready

  1. Good luck on Saturday! I will be there for the half and rocking out my white VivoActive. However, I ran a Jan. 1 race with it and it was spot on, so I’ve already put it to the test. It’s also been spot on in my track workouts and my daily runs where I know how long the distance is.

    It was hard to get used to, though. My first run, I accidentally had it set to kilometers… oops! I am not a watch wearer but I now wear it all day, every day. The steps have adjusted to what I usually run and now if I don’t run 5-6 miles a day I don’t get enough steps in. I do wish I could turn that “move” vibration feature off bc it will ring when I am relaxing after a run and at night in front of the TV!

  2. How did I miss this watch? Sounds really cool! I doubt I could get it to work the way I want, which is why I never use 99% of the features on my other Garmins, since I’m quite the challenged one with little patience! See you Saturday!!!!

  3. I picked this up last summer and was pretty impressed…I wasn’t sure I was going to like it but the watch had been great. I’m not so thrilled their app but I link it to strava and break my runs down. The text and live track features are pretty cool too. Hope the race went well!

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