Winter Blues

The time has come.  Seems as though it gets earlier and earlier every year.  I have had it with Winter.  Dread it getting here, dread it even more in the midst of it, and eventually fed up completely with the cold and bitterness.  Jesus, and I don’t even live in the north.  My blood has completely thinned out in the years that I have lived in the south.  Winters here have been a walk in the park compared to those when I lived in NY.  That day is here though, I am ready for Spring!

So many of my usual things get hampered by the lack of daylight, the lack of sunshine, the lack of warmth.  My energy levels suck this time of year.  Why do I find this time of year is best spent on the couch or in bed?  The weather just lends to lack of motivation for me.  I have to force myself to bundle up and get outside for a run.  Does this happen to you?

My training miles really suffer at this time of year.  Looking back on my running calendar I realize just how unmotivated I am at this time of year.  60 something miles in January?  How pathetic is that?  What’s even more pathetic is that of those 60 miles, 26.2 of them were during a marathon.  I didn’t even take my running shoes on vacation.  Didn’t run once.

I can only hope Spring gets here soon.  I have a bunch of racing to do in the coming months, and that means training if I want to perform well.  I have Asheville Half and Full in four weeks!  Then All American Full three weeks later.  Then Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Full the week after that.  I need training miles to feel ready.  What do you do to motivate yourself to get those training miles in for the races ahead?  Dreaming of Spring, warmer temps and sunshine doesn’t seem to be cutting it for me these days.  I need something more! Bring on 101 degrees!


9 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. Just hitting the same wall here in NYC. I’m lucky to have a gym membership, so if it’s truly too cold I’ll hit the treadmill and get a workout in that way. Otherwise, I just focus on the goals I’ve set and remind myself that as long as I dress properly, I’ll warm up quickly enough and be happier knowing I made it out the door. That first five minutes is always terrible, but the rest is like anyone other run. I also tend to run with other people more often in the winter. I like running by myself, but running with friends and groups makes it easier to get out in the cold/snow/blizzard/whatever. I’ve also found that logging my miles on Strava or another tracking app keeps me going. If others are able to see my training, I’m more likely to do it!

  2. Nice post 🙂

    In general, I’ve just given into the fact that I work out less in the winter. I work out a TON in Summer, Spring and Fall.

    I did a slightly smart thing for February. I signed up to a 4 class package at a power yoga studio. The classes are expensive and they expire this month – so I kind of put myself in a position to feel like an idiot if I don’t go. But even so, I end up doing one workout a week.

    One nice winter activity is Winter Hiking 😀 So I try to do that.

    Patiently waiting until spring …..

  3. When you’re slow like me, ya don’t need motivation. You just know you need to get out there to be… less slow. No really I just think about how other ladies are out training if I’m not and how they’ll win if I race them.

    Also, I find that when I do run or work out… I have more energy… if I just keep sitting around under the electric blanket in front of the TV, I stay tired and unmotivated. I will say it’s been rather chilly here the past few days though…

  4. As much as I have the winter blues too, this is my favorite weather to run in. Spring can spring on March 21st (the day after the marathon), but for now, keep it cool!!! 🙂 And no matter the way you look at it, 60 miles run in a month is NOT pathetic!

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