A Day of Remembrance

Sitting here today reflecting on life and memories.  It’s really a day full of them.  On the 14th anniversary of the disaster terrorism caused on 9/11/01, my mind is filled with thoughts of all of those lives lost, and the heroes that emerged from such a tragic day in our history.


I left the house a while ago to head to the store, and something quite unique happened.  You see, I live about an hour away from Ft. Bragg, home of the 82nd Airborne.  We are in the flight path from time to time when large aircraft from Bragg are doing practice maneuvers.  Quite often these planes fly in formation, or one after the other.  Often times there are multiple planes on the same path.  Many times the planes fly quite low, and seem to be gliding slowly by.  They do however make a lot of noise.  On a day like today I was struck by fear purely out of historical meaning.

As I was driving, a plane came out of nowhere from behind the tree line.  Slightly angled, doing a sharp curve to the right.  Majestic, gliding, huge.  My thoughts immediately turned to New York, and the Twin Towers.  My heart was racing.  I was so surprised by the natural reaction I had.  On any other day this would have never happened.  It was terrifying, but just for a moment.

It just goes to show that 9/11, and what happened that day lives on in each of us.  A day like that cannot be forgotten.

Remembering the thousands of innocent lives lost that day.  The heroes, and the ways our world has changed since that day.