Running Fury 325

Why, oh why must vacations end?  I am on serious depression mode today, fueled by my first day back to work.  Ugh!  I’d rather be running!  As soon as I finish this post, that is exactly what I will be doing!

Fall plans are coming together in a serious way now that Summer is starting to wind down.  Well, we still have a ton of Summer left, but now that the kids are due back to school on two weeks, it will start feeling more like Fall.  You know, back to school season.  With one in college, and the other entering his senior year in high school, my days “with child” are numbered.  As they enjoy their last two weeks off, my focus has turned to Fall running season.

I have two marathons this Fall.  Chicago and New York.  Both epic, both meaningful in different ways.  The past few weeks I have been trying to figure out my best game plan for ramping back up my mileage to get me into marathon readiness mode.  I typically like to run some Half Marathons in the Fall, and this season is shaping up to be no different.

I have been debating a race down at the coast this September.  My older son wants to run a few Halves, so I have been busy at work trying to find a few.  I found us the Marine Corps Half, down at Camp LeJeune, in Jacksonville, NC the third week in September.  It works out well for him, and I kinda promised him we would do that one together.  Then, this past week something very interesting fell in my lap.  Another pacing gig.  So, without further ado, I will be pacing the 1:50:00 Half on September 13th, down in the Charlotte area.


It’s actually the Run & Ride Half Marathon at Carowinds.  This will be my first time running one of their events.  Normally they are pretty pricey, even when you sign up early.  They have events at a half dozen amusement parks around the east.  Price of the run includes a weekend pass to the park, so you can enjoy the thrills and chills of rides and coasters before and after the actual race.  Kinda cool!


A flat course winding in and around the park, going behind the scenes, and under huge coasters.  How much fun will that be?  This year, Fury 325, the parks newest roller coaster opened.  It’s the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster.  I can’t wait to try it!

image image

Just have to figure out which one of my sons will accompany me on this weekend amusement/running trip.  Should be a good time.

On into October, plans are coming together nicely for a back to back Half weekend the weekend after Chicago.  I’ll be pacing the Greensboro Half, and then running the Bull City Half the following day.  Of course, New York is two weeks later, so these two races will be my last training runs.  Last October I packed it in, as well.  October is such a great month around here for finding all sorts of distance events.

So, what about you?  Has your Fall running schedule come into a clearer picture now that Summer is fading?  Now is the time to firm up racing plans, and get those race fees paid early, while you still have time.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Can’t wait to hear what you have scheduled!

Happy running!