Cabin Fever in North Carolina – Ice Ice Baby


So, National news?  Yep, storms like we are having right now are few and far between here in North Carolina.  Not this year though.  2014 has proved to be a really long, cold and miserable winter.  I really have had more than enough of this weather.  I grew up in New York, and had my fill one particular day in March of 1999.  That day we had four feet of snow in about 18 hours.  I moved to North Carolina two months later.

I really hate the cold, white stuff.  More snow here than in Sochi, Russia during the Olympic Winter Games?  Sure, Raleigh has had it.  Very unusual, but happening now.

It began Tuesday, with about a half inch of snow.  Yesterday, a whole different story.  About five inches of snow followed by sleet, freezing rain, and ice.  It all happened so quickly.  One minute it wasn’t snowing, the next looked like a blizzard.  Much like Atlanta two weeks ago, Raleigh and the entire triangle region of North Carolina turned into a parking lot.  The stories are amazing.  It took some people five hours to commute 20 miles.  Just a mess!  We were all over CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and other major network news programs.

Just look at the photos.  Area highways were parking lots.

image image

I lost power this morning at 6am, as the ice started piling onto tree branches.

image image

Power was was out for about four hours, and luckily has come back on.  I hope it stays.  Round three of this winter storm has arrived.  A mix of rain, sleet, snow.  Every time I look outside, it’s doing one of those things.  Lots of trees crashing down to the ground due to the extra weight of the ice that formed on the branches.


I am am about to go crazy with cabin fever.  I’d rather be outside running on a nice spring day.  Tonight, as the temps drop into the 20’s, what isn’t frozen already, will be frozen by morning.  I have to get out to work tomorrow, no matter what.  I don’t want to miss another day, plus I just need to get out of the house.

I hear it’s supposed to hit 70 degrees next week.  It can’t get here soon enough for me!