E.T. Full Moon Midnight Marathon Recap


If you are ever interested in running a one-of-a-kind event, this one is for you!

It features many things that are quite different from any other race you may have done in the past.  Visit http://www.calicoracing.com to find out more on these events.  You are guaranteed to have a blast, and truly an experience of a lifetime.

Why run E.T.?

1.  It’s held at midnight.  Night racing is amazing!

2.  You will be running only in the light of the full moon.

3.  You are running on the edge of the infamous Area 51 on Highway 375, otherwise named the Extraterrestrial Highway.

4.  A chance to see UFO’s

5.  ALIENS!!!!!


I used reflective tape, and spelled out E.T. On the back of my race shirt.  I used a headlamp, but wore it on my wrist (no headache).  I did not dress up as an alien, although many folks did!

We met at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino for the swag pick up, and to load the buses to make the 2.5 hour trip north of Las Vegas to Area 51.  Fairly uneventful trip for my bus, although one bus did have an unknown object fly into, and smash out the entire windshield.  No one was badly injured, but we begged to ask the question, “was it an Alien that flew into the windshield.”  No one knows.  This event offers several race distances.  I ran the Half.  It also offers a full 51k, in honor of Area 51, as well as a marathon, 10k, and also a 5k.  It truly has something for everyone.

The course is all on paved highway with a few cattle crossings.  Watch out!  We raced in decent temperatures, even though it is full on August heat in the desert during the day, running at midnight the temps were very tolerable.  My race in 2012, the headwinds were incredible.  The first 6-7 miles were all uphill, for an elevation change of over 3,000 feet.  Very much a challenge. Add to that the massive headwinds, and that meant for a slow and steady climb.  The second half was mostly downhill to flat, so my second half of the race was much quicker.  I had a blast, it was magical and quite ethereal!  I felt like I was running in the middle of nowhere.  In the dark, watching shooting stars, and the clouds move across the sky in the moonlight.  Best described as ethereal in every way.  I loved it.

I made my way to the finish at the Little A’le’Inn, in Rachel, Nevada.  Image

I received an awesome medal for my efforts.  I finished 18th out of 322 runners.  Third in my age group.  What an adventure!  So worth doing this race.  Grab some friends, or run it alone, you will not be disappointed.  Check out the swag!ImageImage

After it’s all over, hop back on a bus after eating a complimentary breakfast at the Little A’le’Inn.  Relax and nap on the way back to Vegas!  Then party or crash…more than likely you’ll have been awake the entire night.  I won’t be back to race this event this year, but hope to in the future.

Run in the dark, you will love it!  Run this event, and let me know what you thought of it.


ImageIt’s been a few days since my last post, but all for good reasons.  First we had a bad storm roll through a week ago today, with straight line winds of 80mph.  It knocked out power to my home for almost 48 hours.  Then I got food poisoning, and was down for the count for a few more days.  Now, with only two more days until I go on vacation,I wanted to blog again and post a question.  Do you run while on vacation?

I have made several trips for the sole purpose of running a race.  A couple of years ago I flew to Philadelphia to run a Half Marathon with my brother and a few friends in Jersey City.  I’ve also flown to Las Vegas to run in the 2011 Strip at Night, the first Rock ‘n’ Roll event out there on the Strip with the evening start.  I love running while on vacation, but sometimes we just need the rest.  This trip I am not planning on running at all.  I am using it as a small break to rest, and get my body ready for Fall Marathon training, which begins when I return home.

I pose a few questions.

1. Do you prefer a runcation or a traditional vacation?

2. Where have you traveled to race?

3. What distance is the furthest you’ve traveled to race?

My answers?  I love to take vacations period, but love to be able to include a race because it may be the only chance I have to run a race in that area.  I’ve traveled to NY, SC, VA, NJ and NV to race.  The furthest away being Las Vegas twice to race.  The other race I did just north of Vegas was in Area 51.  The E.T. Midnight Half Marathon in Rachel, NV.Image