Vegas Day 1


Yeah, I managed a few hours of sleep, and was ready to take this day by storm.  Nice, easy and relaxing morning, followed by a late brunch (comped) at Harrah’s.  It was ok, I have had a lot better.  Was free though, so hard to complain too much.

The weather is absolutely beautiful today.  About 75 degrees right now.  Wearing shorts, and flips.  My kind of day!  Walked around a bunch, and tried my luck in several casinos.  The Venetian, Palazzo, Treasure Island and Mirage, along with a favorite small joint Casino Royale.


Not sure what’s on the plan for tonight.  Not even very hungry yet.  Back in the room for now, regrouping, and restocking the gambling cash.  Here are a few pictures of the view from our room here at Hard Rock Hotel.


Love that we can see the new Sky Wheel at The Linq.  Also the Stratosphere in the distance.  The mountains too, which are such a teat.  Snow capped peaks can still be seen on many of them.  Would love to take a ride up to Mt. Charleston sometime this week before heading home.  It’s a real gem.  So pretty.

Well, here’s to a successful evening, and plenty of wins!

Vegas Vacation


That’s it folks!  I am officially on vacation.  A running holiday.  My favorite place and my favorite activity, rolled into one.

I just got home from work, and don’t have to think of that place for another week.  Isn’t vacation time grand?  Not that I don’t enjoy my work, because I do, but we all need breaks.  Having a break right before the holidays get rolling is even better.

The rest of the day today will involve packing.  It’s always tougher to pack for a Vegas trip during the colder months than it is in the Summer.  It could be warm during the day, but once the Sun goes down, it’s a different story.  Plus for this trip, I have to pack for a 26.2 mile run.


This time tomorrow I will be there.  Getting on the plane tomorrow morning at 6am, flying through Atlanta, arriving in Vegas before most folks get up.  The first day is always a long day because of the three hour time change.  Then, relax!  Take in the sights and sounds that are exclusive to Las Vegas.  My plan is to hit the Expo early on Friday to avoid the crowds.  I do look forward to this race expo because it is absolutely huge, loaded up with vendors.  I must try not to spend too much money.

The race starts at 4:30 pm on Sunday evening.  I am gong to thoroughly enjoy it.  I am going to try not to worry too much about my pace, and just enjoy the experience.  Of course I will try to blog again before then, but you must excuse me now, as this guy is on vacation.


Rock ‘n’ Roll me!


The decision is final!

Tickets and reservations have been made!

Registration for the Marathon in complete!

I am running The Strip at Night on November 17th, 2013.


The adult playground is about to become the location of my 8th marathon, and I couldn’t be happier.  Already looking forward to the glitz and glam, the neon lights, the people!  Runners will take over Las Vegas in a few months and rock the famous Las Vegas Boulevard.